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This Is The Time For Many Lips Gloss

There is time for everything on earth
The time to dry and the time to wet,
This is the time for many lips gloss
When men and women are pretty more,
The time of crispy skin and plants,
The time, smokes from heaven is rampant
Where early riders need rays to slice the fog,
The time for cardigan, the time for Rubb:
Rubbing the lips, rubbing the thighs,
Rubbing the face and the eyes;
The season of the Lord, Jesus Christ;
The season you'll never be surprised
When the street is full of NYSC
Corps Members carrying big bags
Returning from orientation exercise;
The season laughter and love surfice
Kids treat Xmas carols as paradise,
Civil servants come home with big rice,
Excess heat, excess dust, harmattan are the price;
Merry Christmas in advance.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Santa Claus Leo wing wings flying)

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