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Learn About The Nokia Pop-up Network

Nokia Pop-up Network, focuses on the network operators by including network planning and optimization services, for the benefits operators who want to provide subscribers with memorable experiences at mass events.

Nokia deploys temporary, transportable base stations coordinated by Nokia Centralized Radio Access Network (RAN) capabilities that transform the interference from devices into useful traffic to boost uplink capacity. The operator simply pays for the capacity required during the event, leading to 80% reduction in the total costs when compared to what would have been spent if operator produced such on her own.

Another new product accopanying the Nokia Pop-up Network is the cloud-based Nokia Geo-Data. This service combines anonymized 3-D geolocation data from devices with network data to provide accurate insight into network, device and application performance as well as subscriber behavior.

The service made availabe to assist operators various ways. For the sake of illustrations, network planners can spot and correct areas where subscribers are experiencing poor service; marketing personnel can identify subscriber trends and implement campaigns to grow revenue from the most valuable subscribers; or sales executives can pinpoint where their network provides better service than its competitors to leverage with new corporate clients. At, complete details of both services are discussed.

New Airtel Free Data Bundle On Every Recharge

With the Airtel Smart Premiere, you will get free megabytes (mb) to surf or browse the internet starting from #100 recharge and above.

Other added bonuses are:

(1) All calls to all networks in Nigeria are at 11k/sec after the 1st min of the day at 40k/sec.

(2) All calls to UK landlines, US, India, Canada, China are at 11k/sec after the 1st min of the day at 40k/sec.

(3) Receive calls for free while roaming for up to 500 minutes/month

What To Do Is dial *318# or text "YES" to 318

Understanding The Non Renewable Resources

A non renewable resources is natural resource that cannot be re-made,

regrown or regenerated on a scale-comparative to its consumption.

Examples of non renewable resources are fossil fuels such as coal,

petroleum and natural gas as they do not naturally reform at a rate

that makes the way we use them sustainable.

A non renewable resource is always drawn down with anabolic process

that use up energy.


Natural resources such as social, oil or natural gas cannot be

replaced as fast as they are consumed. Eventually they will be used


Non renewable resources have a high carbon content because their

origin lies in the photosynthetic ability of plants. The fuels release

this carbon back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, the rate at

which the fuels are being burnt result in a rise in the concentration

of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere thereby causing greenhouse effect.

Faceless By Amma Darko: Compare Fofo's Life On The Street To Living With Dina

The 14yrs old Fofo was a victim of poverty, that led her to the

street, so rugged, promiscuous, drinking, stealing and participating

in lots of other desperate acts. At a point, she escaped the rape

attempt of Poison, a young ganglord who was notorious for raping


Fofo was the protagonist of the novel and that's why the story

revolved around her. She was part of those attempting to get to the

root of Baby T's death alongside the MUTE team.

Fofo's life began to take good shape when Dina took her in; providing

her with food, shelter, and a conducive environment to have peace of

mind. On behalf of her (Dina) organization, she got "some

organizations with training facilities" (according to page 176) to

take Fofo on.

In the novel: Faceless by Amma Darko, Dina was the founder of the

non-governmental organization called MUTE which was devoted to build a

body of information which was fondly refered to as "The Alternative


True Origin Of The Yoruba Drama

Drama is a genre of literature that can be found in every dialect,

language or race. It normally deals with dialogue and most times in

theaterical form.

The origin of the Yoruba drama can be traced far back to the era when

the Yoruba people lacked the knowledge of reading-and-writing and the

use of play-script was not in existence. Those known for such classic

drama are called the Magic Masquerades (Egungun Onidan) they were

known for their public dramatic performances.

The Magic Masquerades are circus of the Yoruba version, they used to

wear funny regalias, they perform playful somersaulting and daring

magics like disappearing or transforming to something else or

something strange. The Magic Masquerades (Egungun Onidan) is said to

be very older than the Shakespearean dramatic style.

As tales of ancient days have it, the Magic Masquerades of the Yoruba

people emerged from Ologbojo, the great father of all Yoruba

masqueraders; the great masquerade's public appearances with used to

occur with his singing envoys, let to the beginning of the Magic


The Magic Masquerades were very entertaining; they would sing, dance,

pray, pay hommages, somersault, speak satire, send proverbial messages

to audience and viewers, disappear to reappear, transform to any form

of deadly animal only to become masquerade again. The Magic

Masquerades used to perform their dramatic in public places like

king's palace, marketsquare, open spaces, or in the masquerade shrine

during the masquerade festival.

7 Classic Believes Of The Yoruba People About God

The classic Yoruba people had had their own believe in God even before

the advent alien religions; they call God "Eledumare"

(1) They had the believe that Eledumare sees everything; that's why

they referred to God as "Arinu-rode Olumo-okan"

(2) They had had the believe that Eledumare is the only one who

upholds the entire world; that's why they called God


(3) They had had the believe that Eledumare is bigger than everything

that exists; that's why they named God "Oyigiyigi"

(4) They had had the believe that Eledumare is the absolute savior;

that's why they called God "Agbanilagbatan".

(5) They had had the believe that none can ever understand the secrets

of Eledumare; that's why they called God "Awamaridii".

(6) They had had the believe that Eledumare hears all things; that's

why they named God "Abetikara-bi-ajere".

(7) They had had the believe that Eledumare can never die but live

forever; that's why they referred to God as "Olorun-Aiku


Reasons To Like Or Dislike Pop-up

Pop-up as regards to the internet and web browsing is a page

(irrespective of the size) that suddenly shows up or pops up over the

page a web visitor is viewing without the web visitor intentionally

calling for such popped up page. Few families of pop-up are pop-under,

hover, etc.

Below are the reasons why you should like or dislike pop-up which can

also be called the pros and cons of pop-up, the advantages and

disadvantages of pop-up, or the merits and demerits of pop-up:

(a) Reasons Why You Should Like Pop-up:

(i) It can be used for showing more information about a topic. Even on

PC and some mobile phones, when a cursor is left on a topic for a long

time, a page will pop up to tell more about such topic.

(ii) It is very rewarding to advertiser because of the way it gets the

attention of page viewer and easily call them to action.

(iii) Pop-up can be used to save space on a website since it doesn't

have to acquire a permanent page.

(iv) It encourages creativity with the incorporation of banners,

audio, videos, animations, slides, etc.

(v) Pop-up uses javascript which makes it very easy to create.

(vi) Some huge organizations are thriving with the help of using pop-up.

(b) Reasons Why You Should Drislike Pop-up:

(i) It comes when it is not expected by page viewer.

(ii) Some pop-ups are "flirtatious" that when a web user disables it,

it immediately comes up again; making it so annoying.

(iii) Some pop-ups are malicious because they decieve page viewers.

(iv) Pop-up created for advert purpose sucks up the web traffic by

redirecting web page viewers.

(v) Some pop-ups are arrogant that they affect the browser either by

slowing it down or making it mal-function; by so doing, the device own

or web page view will pay extra cost eradicate it with a third-party

pop-up blocker.

(vi) Some pop-ups function as a spyware which secretly steal a web

surfer's right for privacy.

(vii) Pop-up can become a hacker or hijacker's tool to perpetrate

internet crime.

(viii) Some huge organizations dislike pop-up with passion.

Yahoo To Keep Head Above Water With Mexico And Argentina Offices

There is currently an issue that requires the expression "Keep Head Above Water" and this idiomatic expression might remind the reader of the 1996 movie "Head Above Water" which starred Cameron Diaz and Craig Sheffer but that is not what this post is about.

This post is about the news flying around that Yahoo Inc. will be shutting down its Mexico and Argentina offices as a way to keep the company's CEO head above water as pressure keeps mounting on her.

"Yahoo is scheduled to report fourth quarter earnings on Feb. 2. Analysts estimate that revenue, minus sales passed on to partners, declined 20 per cent to US$948.2 million." (According to financialpost website)

16 Steps To Change Your Post And Widgets Background Colour

Let's show you or remind you of how to change your post background and

widget background colour to look the same or the way you want them to

look like.

(step 1) Go to your

(step 2) Click on template; it is seen between "Layout" and "Settings".

(step 3) You will see two buttons side-by-side one is written

"Customise" the other is written "Edit HTML", click on "Customize"

(step 4) You see a list like "Templates", "Background", "Adjust

widths", "Layout", "Advanced"; click on "Advanced"

(step 5) You will then see another list appear, click on "Post Background"

(step 6) Select the background colour you will love for all your

posts. Note: copy the colour's code or the html code for the colour

you have selected if you want your blog widget background to look the

same as your post background. The colour code is shown beside the

colour you chose (for instance: you'll see code like "#f954d" beside

the colour you chose)

(step 7) Click on "Apply to Blog" as to save the changes you have made

to your template.

(step 8) Read the post titled: <a


rel="nofollow">Change Widget Background @tricksfornewbloggers</a> to

learnt the steps for changing your widget background colour. There,

you will be shown a CSS code: "#Title1{background:#f878d;}" but you

might find hard to locate the right place to place the CSS code due to

the fact the direction given was a little bit confusing and took me a

very long period to locate the right spot.

(step 9) Since you have read the post @tricksfornewbloggers, then go

back to your

(step 10) Click "Template" the way you did before

(step 11) You will see two buttons written "Customise" the other

written "Edit HTML"; click on "Edit HTML"

(step 12) Your html will appear, search for </head>. The easier way to

find it is press Ctrl + F on your keyboard then type </head> in the

search box that appear

(step 13) If you have found </head>, above it you will

<b:skin></b:skin> then click the middle (I mean, you should place your

mouse cursor bewteen >< and left-click)

(step 14) Once you click the middle, additional html codes will appear

all written in colour different from the colours of other html codes

(it is mostly written in purple; the code begins with words like "<!

CDATA" and when you trace it down, it ends with "]]>")

(step 15) Start writing your CSS codes in front of ]]>. Take for

instance, you have 3 widgets which are blog-archives,

google-plus-followers, popular-post. What you will write for the 3

widgets will look somehow like this:





(step 16) You now click on "Save"

Adsense And Nigerian Website Owners

Every internet experts, bloggers and webmasters have believed that
Google's ads networks (especially Adsense) is the best and it remained

Adsense is a contextual advertising system which her popularity has
made it more seen on virtually 60% of websites; mostly in form of

It has come to observation that Nigerian websites and Adsense are
beginning to see different lights in recent times. There is currently
no prove that Nigeria has attained or reached the tagerted number for
the ads network approval (should in case such thing exists); though
Nigeria ranks lower on the lists of countries with high traffic
conversion rate (according to private investigations).

It is now seen that these days, big and medium Nigerian web owners are
taking a very different paths in terms of monetizing their websites
unlike those days when their total reliance was on Adsense. Take a
keen look at the popular websites and blogs; they are either into
direct affiliate marketing or directly managing their own ads through
the sales of their own web ads spaces to local and foreign
organisations directly which pay way bigger than their old ads

This article is no conclusion or rather of any notion to condemn or
glorify any ads network or system, but an expression of unbias
observation which may be of usefulness or beneficial to webbers,
bloggers and internet surfers.

WORLD FACT: Hunza People And Their Miracle Serenity

The earthly paradises of Bali and of the South Sea Islands, and the gentle, non-acquisitive civilization of Burma, have been aptly described and romanticized. One can add to them the Nicobar Islands, where a small population lives happily on a very low cultural level. But perhaps the most remarkable and the least known of these earthly paradises is the small kingdom of Hunza in the Himalayas, which was recently visited and enthusiatically described by the journalist, Noel Barber (Daily Mail 5, 6, 8 June 1962).

A fair-skinned population of 18,000 they live in a fertile and almost inaccessible valley not far from the Sinkiang border, 8000 feet up. A lengend has it that they are the descendants of three deserters from the army of Alexander the Great, who settled here with Persian wive_ which makes one inclined to believe that pacifism may be hereditary, because these people had no war in 2000 years. They have no money, no crime, and no diseases, they rarely die before ninety. Their psychosomatic control is almost unbelievable, childbirth is painless, and toothache, a joke; they keep their numbers stationary without contraceptives, and without abortion, but by sheer abstinence, though Noel Barber saw the newborn son of a chukling father aged eighty-nine. Their diet, which consists mostly of apricots and raw vegetables, may have something to do with their unshakeable serenity. It makes one gasp with surprise that human nature can be like this. One is reminded of Huxley's Island, but unlike the Palenese, the Hunza people have no art, only serenity!

Importance Of Learning A Foreign Language

The learning of a foreign language should be an integral part of every university student's education. As a discipline, it affords the mind excellent training. It utilizes skills needed in so many other subjects: the concentration required for memorizing music ( not to mention developing the ear for tone and pitch), the logical thinking for resolving mathematical problems, even the deductive reasoning capabilities needed to comprehend philosophical concepts. The mind is stretched through the simple act of learning the grammatical patterns, vocabulary and phonological system of a language. At the same time, the student of a foreign language is acquiring a useful tool. This tool has a double advantage, for while most people (especially teachers) expound on the rewards of being able to communicate in a second, third, or fourth language. Perhaps the more promising of the two, is being able to understand and hopefully appreciate another cultural group through their literature, their music and customs_ all of which are best assimilated through the medium of their language.

The Growth Of Science Between 3500-100D.C.

Many people believe that the lunar calendar in 3500-3000B.C. is the infancy stage of science. Science grew larger with the invention of multiplication tables in 3000-2500B.C. and in 2500-2000B.C. there was a superior lucar calendar in use in Babylon then the simple taxonomies for animal classification began in 2000-1500B.C. there were chemicals for making paints and cosmetics in 1500-1000B.C.

The concept of Infinity was introduced in cosmology by Anaximander(611-547)B.C. which believed that life evolved from the sea; and the notion that the world is a sphere was of Pythagoras(580-500)B.C. who also formulated the basic laws of geometry in 1000-500B.C. Empedocles of Agrigentum(490-430B.C.) believed there are four elements: earth, water, Fire and air in the 500-400B.C. and in 400-300B.C. the first fully comprehensive cosmology to give a rational account of all physical phenomena was devised by Aristotle(382-322B.C.)

The invention of lever and the Archimedean screen for raising water was introduced by Archimedes of Syracuse(287-212) in the era (300-200B.C.) and in (200-100B.C.) the most accurate ancient star catal
ogue was constructed by Hipparachus of Nicaea(190-129B.C.) he also discovered the precession of equinoxes.

Siemens' New Products For Digitalized Lightweight Buildings

Siemens' light weight digitalized building is really a prove that
architecture has gone far beyond the laying of stones on stones and
the sticking of concretes on bricks.

As technology keeps changing the faces of things, what used to be fact
becomes myth; the old believe that buildings without solid foundations
will be flushed away by flood no longer hold ever since some buildings
have been seen levitating on the same spot for a very long period of

Siemens is planning to showcase her new products for building a light
weight and digitalized buildings even for commercial purposes. "Make
Your Building More Livable" will be the Siemen's motto at
light+building trade fair which will hold on March 13-18, 2016.

According to the story from siemens website, the platform/building
will be able to consolidate heating, ventilation and air conditioning
(HVAC), room automation, lighting and shading, intrusion detection,
fire safety and access control systems as well as protective devices
for electrical installations. The new version of the platform offers a
more intuitive display and interfaces to Simatic S7. An app for mobile
operation via smartphones and tablets meets the needs of today's

The Only Time Hardwork Will Begin To Worth The Effort

Not everyone is born with silver spoon; let the silver spoon babies
gallivant in wealth while the rest face the reality of life and make
their own silver spoon a possibility through hardwork and tenacity.

It is a very glorious thing to be diligent and hardworking. Since an
idle hand is a devil's workshop; hardwork definitely worths the effort
of every living human beings. They say that hardwork is the key to
success but I disagree to agree that hardwork is the object that
sustains or upholds success whenever it is achieved.

In this era of rat-race, where everyone is working for someone else
(either non-government or government), the worth of hardwork is now
lesser to what it should be.

This post is a reminder to every hardworking human beings never to
forget the fact that "it is the poor and the middle class that work
for money but the rich always make money work for them;" and it is
only then that hardwork can highly worth the effort.

According to Robert T. Kiyosaki in his book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", he
says, "If you learn the lesson, you'll enjoy a life of great freedom
and security." A very great and helpful book, though few of my friends
do not like the financial philosophy of Robert T. Kiyosaki because
they feel his book philosophy cannot help a meager earning Nigerian to
attain financial freedom; they preferred George S. Clason's book: The
Richest Man In Babylon.

Aims And Objectives Of Teaching Literature At The Senior Secondary School Level

Literature In English should be taught at the Senior Secondary School
level in order to:

(1) inculcate in the students the entertainment and instructive values
of literature as a follow-up to the literary skills learnt in the
Junior Secondary School.

(2) give students a rich and well rounded humanistic education. This
can be achieved through broadening the cultural horizon of the
students by exposing them to works that are varied in perspective and
yet universal in application.

(3) equip the students to develop the capacity for independent thought
and judgement.

(4) develop student's ability to respond appropriately and
independently to literary works.

(5) re-enforce the English Language skill already acquired by the
students by exposing them to language in action in literary tests and

(6) expose students to healthy human values and attributes.

(7) expose students to the beauty and potentials of language.

(8) encourage attempts at creative writing as a means of understanding
the creative process and appreciating the principle of creativity,
specially for those who can benefit from it.

Primary School: Agbo At The Airport For The First Time

The next morning, many friends and relations arrived at Agbo's house.

There was plenty of food and cold drinks for them. Some people sang

and danced, while others sat and talked. Then it was time for Mr. and

Mrs. Malaika, Agbo and Gbenga to leave for the airport. Several other

families also left the house and drove to the airport to meet Mike.

The airport was very busy, as usual. Agbo and Gbenga saw some

policemen and soldiers on duty.

Agbo's parents and their friends sat round a table in a big hall.

While they were waiting, the boys decided to look round. They watched

a man weighing suitcases. These belonged to people who wanted to

travel on the aeroplane. If their suitcases weighed too much they took

some things out.

It is dangerous to put too many heavy suitcases on an aeroplane. Agbo

and Gbenga also saw a fire engine. The firemen were ready to help if a

plane caught fire. They saw two aeroplanes in hangars (a hangar is a

special shed for an aeroplane) and they looked at the beautiful

flowers at the entrance to the airport.

Steps To Check Your Search Engine Preferences For Proper SEO

It is not a lie that the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps
increase traffic to blog thereby giving it higher ranking in search

Traffic is the soul of a website or blog and to improve your blogger
SEO, you will have to look into the search engine preferences for your

To look into the search engine preferences of your blog for proper
Search Engine Optimization , you have to follow the steps below:

(a) You will need to Sign-in or Sign up to Blogger in case you do not
already have an active blogger account.

(b) You then have to Select the blog to manage your Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) with.

(c) Then check the left menu and select Settings.

(d) After you have selected Settings, you will see "Search
Preferences" among the option, select it; and you are good to go.

Analysis Of Detainee By Remi Raji

Detainee is a political poem written by Professor Remi Raji. The title

of the poem refers to those imprisoned due to political protests

against tyrant rule.

The whole of the five stanza poem is dominated by rhetorical question

not exclude the title of the poem.

The first stanza:

"What is a detainee

Without his trophy

Of violent hours, minutes

Like a millennium's millipede

In the cave

Of the captor's chamber




Who is a prisoner that is constantly disturbed and tortured in the

prison with no reward to show. This is against Democratic ethics on

the right of political detainee.

The second stanza:-

"Who is the detainee

Of decomposition


In silhouettes

Of silence

Its mind reeking

With maggots of hate



Who is the detainee that has been reduced to a state of decomposition.

Decomposition in the sense that he or she has been alienated to news,

people, health, etc; held in incommunicado. He starts to reduce

mentally and only the thing that pervades or goes on in his mind is


The third stanza:-

"And why

Why is the detainee

So common in this bar

Like fleas in colony

Of beggars



Why are these political prisoners so common common in this prison like

fleas in colony of beggars. Simile is used in the third stanza to

create more clear picture of how the political prisoners are so many.

The fourth stanza:-

"Who is the detainee

Locked in the small


Of the country's pus



This stanza describes the prisoners environment. "Pox of country's

pus" the place is disgusting, unfit for incarceration, degrading and

demeaning. The fourth used metaphor.

The fifth stanza:-

"Why is the detainee

The common breed

The next of kin

To all

My kindred ones



Why are these political prisoners, people I know? Why are they the one

who share similar ideology as mine? Why are these political prisoners

colleagues, friends and relatives I know?

Reasons For The Equilibrium between Birth-Rate And Death-Rate

All over the world till lately, and in most of the world still today,

mankind has been following the course of nature: that is to say, it

has been breeding up to the maximum. To let nature take her

extravagant course in the reproduction of the human race may have made

sense in an age in which we were also letting her take her course in

decimating mankind by the casualties of war, pestilence, and famine.

Being human, we have at last revolted against that senseless waste. We

have started to impose on nature's heartless play a humane new order

of our own. But, when once man has begun to interfere with nature, he

cannot afford to stop half way. We cannot, with impunity, cut down the

death-rate and at the same time allow the bith-rate to go on taking

nature's course. We must consciously try to establish an equilibrium

or, sooner or later, famine will stalk abroad again.

Plot Of Arms And The Man By George Bernard Shaw

Raina Petkoff is engaged to Sergious Saranoff who is a major in the

Bulgarian and Serbian war. He becomes famous and heroic as the war


As the war ends, a fugitive runs into Petkoff's house entering through

the shutters. He seeks refuge in the hand of Raina the daughter of

Petkoff who is yet to return from the war front. Raina promises

protection and safety to the fugitive. She prevents a search officer

from searching the house throughly. Afterwards she sends the man home

in camouflage on her father's coat. She inserted her photograph as a

souvenir in one of the pocket of the coat.

The fugitive arrives to return the coat. Seeing Bluntschili, he recognizes him.

Sergious is unfaithful to his engagement to Raina. He accuses

Bluntschili of lusting after Raina. He challenges him to a fight. The

matter is resolved in happy marriage between Sergious and Louka on one

hand, and Raina and Bluntschili on the other thereby making the play a


5 Kinds Of Retail Outlets Goods Are Sold

Write short notes on the following types of retail outlets:

Supermarkets, Mobile shops, Department stores, Chain stores, Hawking.

(1) Supermarkets:- They are large self-service shops which have wide

range of household goods contain attached price tags. Supermarkets are

mostly located in urban areas.

(2) Mobile Shops:- They are motorised shops. They are vehicles which

carry vendors and their goods from place to place for the purpose of

making sales. Due to the size of vehicles, they deal with limited

goods or specialize in the sales of certain goods. Mobile shops do

play music to attract customers.

(3) Department stores:- They are multiple shops under a certain roof

where each shop has its own owner and sells variety of goods. They

have opportunity for convenient facilities and do offer self-services.

(4) Chain Stores:- They are shops with branches in multiple places

having the same name and logo all over but have a headoffice where

their sales and purchases are centralised. They sell one line of


(5) Hawking:- This is the practice of trading where a trader carries

his or her stocks looking for who to buy. This is mostly done when

selling perishable or consumable goods and this practice mostly

require small capital. The seller creates awareness through strategic

song, shout or signal while he or she moves around.

5 Differences Between Plants And Animals

Living things are classified into groups and the largest group for

living things is called kingdom; which exists the animal kingdom and

the plant kingdom.

Here are 5 differences between plants and animals:

(1) Animals possess skin, fur, scale, shell, etc. While plants possess

scalp, stems, roots, etc.

(2) Animals move from place to place. While plants stay in one place.

(3) Animals body do not contain cellulose for support. While plants

body contain cellulose for support.

(4) Animals do not have the green pigment chlorophyll. While plants do

have the green pigment chlorophyll.

(5) Animals cannot make their own food from air, water, sunlight, and

chemicals from the soil; so they feed on plants and animals. While

plants make their own food from air, water, sunlight and chemicals

from the soil.

Asus Technology Enthusiasts In Nigeria Should Be Eying The New Zenfone Zoom

In terms of laptop computers, portable notebooks, mobile smartphones,

and many more, Nigerian tech-stores_ in recent times_ have stocked

different unbelievable brands ranging from itec, tecno, infinis, wiko,

asus, just to mention few.

Every technogy with its own pros and cons, and as human choices vary,

many Nigerians have attached their interest to a certain brand. For

instance, some people are a big fan of Asus laptops, notebooks and

smartphones; not because of their flexibility in usage or their

affordability in terms of price, but because of the incredible

features that come with them.

The fresh gist in terms of Asus product is the Zenfone Zoom

smartphone. And as all eyes are now on the new brand, surely, that is

where all Nigerian enthusiats of Asus technologies should be eying.

According to the post on Asus website, "ZenFone Zoom's slender metal

unibody houses a PixelMaster rear camera that pairs

a high-resolution Panasonic SmartFSI sensor with innovative optics.

The 13MP sensor offers incredible detail that is automatically

enhanced by DSLR-like optical image stabilization (OIS). A 3x

optical-zoom by 28-84mm focal length greatly shortens the visible

distance from where you stand to the object you wish to see."

Uses Of Hydrogen And Oxygen


Hydrogen is the lightest chemical with an atomic number of 1 and

atomic weight of 1.00794. Its chemical symbol is "H".


(1) Hydrogen is used in oxy-hydrogen flame to produce high temperature

for welding metals.

(2) Hydrogen is used in filling balloon and air ship.

(3) Hydroden can also be used as a fuel.

(4) Hydrogen can also be used in the manufacture of ammonia by Haber's process.

(5) Hydrogen can be used for hardening fats and oils for the

production of margarine.


It is a chemical element with an atomic number 8 and a relative atomic

mass of 15.9994. Oxygen is the most abundant element on earth; its

symbol is "O".


(1) Oxygen is used as oxyacetylene flame in welding.

(2) Oxygen is used in making steel for the removal of carbon, sulphur

and phosphorous impurities from iron.

(3) Oxygen is used when in liquid form with fuel as propellant for

space rockets.

(4) Oxygen is used in the manufacture of important chemicals like H2SO4acid.

(5) Oxygen is used in respiration for animals and human beings survival.

Mathematics Scheme Of Work For JSS 1


(Week 1) Revision and Resumption

(Week 2) Development of number systems; counting, symbols for numbers

and the place-value system.

(Week 3) Large and small numbers; reading and writing large numbers.

(Week 4) Factors and multiples; highest common factors (hcf),

multiples, lowest common multiple (lcm)

(Week 5) Fractions and percentages; common fractions, equivalent

fraction, basic operations on fractions, percentages.

(Week 6) Use of symbols; letters for numbers, open sentence.

(Week 7) Solids; three-dimensional shapes, cuboids and cubes,

cylinders and prisms, cones and pyramids, spheres, naming vertices,

edges and faces.

(Week 8) Algebraic simplification; coefficients, grouping positive and

negative terms, word problems.

(Week 9) Angles; measurement of angles, angle as rotation, measuring

angles, constructing angles.

(Week 10) Angles continued; construction of angles.

(Week 11) Revision

(Week 12) Examination

(Week 13) Examination.


(Week 1) Resumption and revision.

(Week 2) Fractions; decimal and percentages, addition and subtraction,

multiplication and division.

(Week 3) Use of symbols; word problems, algebra from words.

(Week 4) Plane shapes; rectangles and squares, triangles, polygons, circles.

(Week 5) Direct numbers; the number line, adding and subtracting

positive numbers, adding and subtracting negative numbers.

(Week 6) Perimeter of plane shapes; using formula to calculate

perimeter, perimeter of circles.

(Week 7) Area of plane shape; area of rectangles and squares, area of

parallelograms, area of triangles and trapeziums, area of circles.

(Week 8) Algebraic simplification; brackets, multiplication and

division of algebraic terms, order of operations, removing brackets.

(Week 9) Volume of solids; volume of cuboids and cubes.

(Week 10) Volume of right angled triangular prism, capacity of containers.

(Week 11) Revision.

(Week 12) Examination.

(Week 13) Examination.


(Week 1) Resumption and revision

(Week 2) Statistics; purpose and data collection, the need for statistics.

(Week 3) Statistics continued; types of presentation, list and tables,

graphical presentation.

(Week 4) Simple equations; solution of an equation.

(Week 5) Angles between lines; angles in a triangle, calculating the

sizes of angles, parallel lines, angles in a triangle.

(Week 6) Geometrical constructions; construction of parallel lines,

construction of perpendiculars, to bisect a straight line, to

construct an angle of 90 degrees, to construct an angle of 60 degrees.

(Week 7) Statistics; averages, the mean, the median, the mode,

(Week 8) Estimation and approximation; rounding off numbers, approximation.

(Week 9) Base 2 arithmetic; number bases, binary numbers, operations

with binary numbers.

(Week 10) Revision

(Week 11) Examination

(Week 12) Examination.

The Background Of Harvest Of Corruption By Frank Ogodo Ogbeche

Harvest Of Corruption is written by Frank Ogodo Ogbeche, a Nigerian

author. He is a member of Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) and

Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ). Frank Ogbeche attended his

grammar school in Agboju, Lagos state. He also attended Federal

College of Art and Science, and the University of Cross River State

where he studied Communication Art.

Frank Ogbeche wrote Harvest of Corruption based on the level of

corruption erupting in Nigeria. Though, there is corruption

everywhere: families, religious places, political governance, etc. The

author narrowed his view of corruption and to took the civil service

as a case study. He centered his novel on the corruption happening in

the civil service where his characters are top ranked officers that

are very corrupt.

Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka is the Minister for External Relations. He is

seen in the novel to be the major corrupt character; he misuses his

office and involves in shady stuff like cocaine. Haladu Ade-Amaka is

also a drunkard and a womanizer. Other corrupt characters in Ogodo's

novel are Justice Odili, Ochuole, Ogeyi, etc.

What Literary Devices Are In "Sad Complaining Voices Of Beggars" From Vanity By Birago Diop

"Sad complaining voices of beggars" is found in line 4 of the poem Vanity by Birago diop. The line contains 5 figures of speech; imagery, metaphor, personification and assonance.

(i) Imagery is the vivid descriptions presenting or suggesting image of a sensible object. The two words "sad

Analysis Of Become The Journey By Femi Osofisan

This very short poem by Femi Osofisan is a motivational poem that calls the readers to action; I prefer this poem to Locusts by Femi Osofisan, because of its brevity and simplicity.

Base on observation, the poem has a simple diction with 3 stanzas of 4 lines each. Observing the poem with a layman's view, the poem has the theme of hope and longing for a change, the poem also possess the theme of sailing the sea and the theme of taking up responsibilies than waiting.


Analysis Of Locusts By Femi Osofisan

The poem Locusts by Femi Osofisan aimed at revealing how tiny disagreement open door for marauders, he referred to as "locusts" "parasites" "carrions".

Locusts are type of grasshoppers in the family Acrididae that fly in swarms and are very destructive to crops and vegetables. But Osofisan's locusts were more devilish in the sense that they lurked around waiting for opportunities to reap where they did not sow. He used the word "Locusts" to symbolize the Military and the
Missionaries; since they are the ones who laid the solid foundation for corruption in Nigeria.

According to the 4th stanza, the locusts symbolized exploiters in the nation, using the opportunity of chaos to acquire the mineral r

Analysis Of Virtue By George Herbert

This is a 4 stanza poem with 4 lines each. It has a rhyming end of ABAB CDCD. The dominating poetic device is imagery since the poets adopted a descriptive style to prove that most beautiful things on earth will not last forever.

The poem has the theme of mortality which shows that everything dies, the theme of nature which shows that every natural things hold a very high deg

Remediating Your Smelly Armpits The Nigerian Way

Nigeria is a place where humans with no sweat glands are seen

sweating. Imagine you board a mini-cab where 2 people squeeze in front

seat plus the driver making 3 while 4 people squeeze themselves at the

rear seat. Your work demands that you suit up in a situation where the

air-conditioner isn't working properly, the task is too tedious and

the working hour is too long... Sweating must surely happen.

Remediating smelly armpit the Nigerian way; some people must be

expecting the recommendation to see a herbalist or spiritualist but

this post is not going to choose such strategy. Below are what to do:

(1) Stop using anticeptic soap if you already use it for bath.

(2) Get 2 or more towels and ensure you always keep them clean.

(3) Acquire a lot of underwears and ensure they are aways clean.

(4) Always keep your bedspread and nighties clean.

(5) Shave your armpits regularly to prevent hairs that harbor bacteria

causing you ordeous armpit.

(6) Wash your armpits with water and alum stone for once or twice in 2

weeks to properly clean your pores.

(7) Cleanse you armpits with cottonwool and hydrogen peroxide should

in case you're not a fan of alum stone.

(8) Dampen your armpits properly with bodyspray or get a roll-on for yourself.

(9) Always carry in your bag, an Anticeptic Dusting Powder made by PZ

Cusson, everywhere you go.

(10) Very importantly, see a dermatologist or any medical practitioner.

The Sweep-Aside Method Is The Women's Antidote

The first rule in handling objections effectively is that you should

hear them out completely, without interrupting. Even when a lady is

objecting, you are gettting an opportunity to listen, and listening

builds trust. A very proud lady can be transformed into a neutral or

beneficial friend when you practice the "white magic" of attentive


Treat each objection as if it was actually a question. When a lady

says, "I can't afford to waste my time talking to you." You have to

reply by saying "That's a good question! How can you justify your time

with me, when you've not even enjoyed the benefit of knowing me; or

are you judging the book by its cover?"

When you experience initial resistance as in when a lady says, "I'm

not interested." You just have to reply her with the Sweep-Aside

Method. Say these words, positive and politely, with smile on your

face: "That's all right. Most ladies felt the same way when we first

met but now we have become the best of friends and they are proud to

speak of our friendship to their other friends."

Such reply usually triggers this response, "What do you mean?" to

which you respond, "That is exactly what I would like to talk to you

about, and I only need a few minutes of your time."

With the Sweep-Aside Method, you will keep having the conversation and

rapport you desire with women; be you a seeker of friendship or a

consultant or a mediator, etc. Thanks to Brian Tracy, from who the

concept is gotten.

Apple Inc. Beats 1 And iTunes Radio

Close to 3 years, since the inception of iTunes Radio in 2013, the

service has been free to Apple users until the sudden announcement

that the iTunes Radio will no longer be a free service by the end of

January 2016.

iTunes Radio is an internet radio service by Apple Inc. Such

announcement would have been very unfair to lovers of the iTunes Radio

service; but Apple Inc. has been kind enough to provide an alternative

which is Beats 1.

According to an article on Apple Inc. website, "Beats 1 is a place for

progressive radio programming. Alongside new music programs from our

anchor DJs, we've invited some of the biggest artists in the world to

make brilliant radio shows — from exclusive weekly DJ mixes to

interviews with iconic musicians about albums that changed their


Beats 1 plays everything from old-school hip-hop to futuristic pop,

and it's all handpicked by people who live and breathe music."

The Uses Of Internet Cookies

Below are the few important uses of internet cookies for the benefit

of the internet administrators and surfers:

(1) Cookies are used to make the ads shown relevant to the internet users.

(2) Cookies are used to remember a safe search preference.

(3) Cookies are used to count how many visitors to a particular webpage.

(4) Cookies are used for the protection of data.

(5) Cookies are used to assist internet users on sign up for services.

What is cookie?

It is a small piece of text sent to a browser by a website visited. It

helps the website to remember information about the visitors, like

their preferred languages and other settings.

It can make the next visit to be a very easy experience and can make

the site more useful to the visitor(s). Cookies play an important

role. Without them, using the web would be a much more frustrating


Plot And Themes Of Night Rain By John Pepper Clark


The poem talks about rain falling in the night and the effects of it on a small boy, the other brothers, the mother and the small improverished abode.

The boy wakes up not knowing the time as "no cock crow"

The rain starts falling hard. He takes into consideration the effects of this on his brothers who are advised to sleep on; on his mother who continuously shifts "her bins

Discuss Yaremi As The Protagonist Of Lonely Days By Bayo Adebowale

At around age 50, Yaremi was not just good looking, she was a very

generous woman to the needy. Her generosity plus hardwork made her a

well known woman in Kufi. Yaremi is the protagonist of Lonely Days by

Bayo Adebowale. Many of the events in the novel revolved around her

because her ideology of womanhood was different from that of other

Kufi women.

Yaremi coped properly with the pains of widowhood. She stood her

ground and fought against men who wanted to take advantage of her

widow state. In page 101, she abusively rejected Ayanwale when he

continued to persuade her to mary him.

Yaremi felt that women of Kufi deserve female empowerment, she took it

upon herself to become the representive of women in the fight against

unnecessary dominance. Her fearlessness made her refuse the choosing

of a cap at the cap-picking ceremony. Yaremi also claimed in page 103

that "nobody can use me, like a house help, Lanwa, to peel tubers, and

slice banana chips on the wooden bench, in front of a lonely farmstead

in the bush"

20 Common Questions On Native Son By Richard Wright

This post is to ease teacher's stress of racking brain on what

question to ask students on the novel "Native Son" as a form of test

or home-work.

(1) Discuss the theme of fear in Native Son by Richard Wright

(2) How effective is Richard Wright use of the principle of naturalism

in Native Son.

(3) Describe the impact of mass media in Native Son by Richard Wright.

(4) Native Son as a political novel; give a broad explanation.

(5) Describe Mrs. Thomas' conduct during the visit to her son in jail

and comment on the son's feeling.

(6) Give reasons to prove that Bigger does or does not deserve the

death penalty.

(7) Discuss the use of irony in Native Son, with reference to 3 situations.

(8) What roles do David Buckley play in Native Son by Richard Wright.

(9) How does Boris Max promote Communist ideals in the novel: Native Son.

(10) Account for Bigger's poor relationship with his mother.

(11) Describe in detail the manhunt and arrest of Bigger.

(12) Who's words impacted Bigger when visited in jail (Rev. Hammond's

words or Jan's words) give reasons.

(13) Is Mrs Thomas a good mother? State your reasons.

(14) How brilliant is Mr. Britten with investigation.

(15) Native Son is a sheer propaganda. Critically examine this view.

(16) Describe the role of the crowd following Bigger's movement from

place to place.

(17) Closely examine the relationship between Bigger and Bessie.

(18) Discuss the theme of racial discrimination in Native Son by Richard Wright.

(19) Examine Richard Wright's arguments against capitalism.

(20) Explain that Bigger is a rebel with good cause.

What Is The Major Goal Of Chess Game

Chess is a game played between two opponents on opposite sides of a

board containing 64 squares of alternating colors. Each player has 16

chessmen or chess pieces: 1 king, 1 queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 2

knights, and 8 pawns.

The goal of the game is to checkmate the other king. Checkmate happens

when the king is in a position to be captured (in check) and cannot

escape from capture.

It takes creativity and mastery to grow in the game of chess. Before a

beginner can climb to the stage of Master or Grand Master, he/she must

be exceptional in terms of tactics, strategy, pragmatism, psychology,


Summary Plot Of The Blood Of A Stranger By Dele Charley

Maligu, the Chief advisor to King Santigi Mando V, declares that an

unidentified white man would be their village guest soon, as written

him in a letter sent by his brother from the city. He seeks and finds

the cooperation of Soko, the priest of the village shrine, to prophesy

that the land should welcome this guest. This manipulated prophecy is

against the existing spiritual ordinance of the community not to

accept visitors, which has been observed since the war in the land. It

is a difficult injunction for the people to accept. To them, strangers

represent illness, disease, and aggression. However, because Soko is

the ordained priest of the village that has always interceded between

them and their forefathers, the people have no reason to question or

doubt his divination; their forefathers must have sent this vision.

They prepare therefore to welcome the visitor. Kindo, chief warrior

and son of the king, feels otherwise and senses something is wrong

because of the strange alliance between Soko and Maligu on this news.

Knowing that the two are fraudulent and dishonest, Kindo becomes

suspicious of Soko's claim that he received the vision to admit the

stranger into Mando land. The white man symbolically called Whitehead,

arrives and show little or no respect for the culture and traditions

of the land. Kindo forces him to order and a seed of discord between

them is sown. Whitehead soon takes Maligu into confidence that his

true motive of coming is the diamonds on their land. He has given the

king a false impression he is in the land to cultivate a tobacco farm,

build a school and help the village from the proceeds of the tobacco

farm. Indeed his actual purpose is to have the farmers unsuspectingly

harvest the diamonds for him.

$1.6 Billion Powerball Jackpot And The 3 Winners

According to the news on, "The winners of a record $1.6

billion U.S. Powerball jackpot had yet to come forward early on

Thursday, with officials saying the prize will be split between

holders of three tickets sold in Tennessee, California and Florida.

Each of the three winning tickets is worth $528.8 million."

The Powerball always reminds of the 2010 comedy movie titled: "Lottery

Ticket" written by Erik White and Abdul Williams which starred Bow

Wow, Brandon T. Jackson, Ice Cube, etc.

The movie had Kevin Carson (Bow Wow) won the lottery ticket worth $370

million. He began to face troubles from neighbors who wanted the

ticket to become theirs; with the help and advise of his very close

friend Benny (Brandon T. Jackson) he secured the ticket and at the end

of the movie, he invested few of the lottery money on community


How Rural Unemployment Becomes Urban Unemployment

In many places in the world today, the poor are getting poorer while

the rich are getting richer, and the programmes of development

planning and foreign aid appear to be unable to reverse this trend.

Nearly all the developing countries have a morder sector, where the

pattern of living and working are similar to those in developed

countries. But they also have a non-modern sector, where the pattern

of living and working are not only unsatisfactory, but in many cases

are even getting worse.

What is the typical condition of the poor in developing countries?

Their work opportunities are so limited that they cannot work their

way out of their situation. They are underemployed or totally

unemployed; when they do find occasional work, their productivity is

extremely low. Some of them have land, but often too little land. Many

have no land, and no prospect of ever getting any. There is no hope

for them in the rural areas and so, they drift into the big cities.

But there is no work for them in the big cities either_ and of course

no housing. All the same, they flock into the cities because their

chances of finding some work appear to be greater than in the

villages_ where they are nil. Rural unemployment then, produces

mass-migration into the cities; rural unemployment becomes urban


The problem can be stated quite simply: what can be done to promote

economic growth outside the big cities, in the small towns and

villages, which still contains 80 to 90% of the total population? The

primary need is workplaces, literally millions of workplaces.

[Article Source:- Ray Williams: Panorama]

When Man Evolved A Conscious

When man evolved a conscious, his basic relationship with the other

animals began to change. Until then, they were broadly divided into

those which ate him when they got the chance, those which he ate when

he got the chance, and a third group which competed with him for food,

or was otherwise a nuisance to him in the business of keeping alive.

In the primitive situation, man was, therefore, basically against

Nature but, as the battle was progressively won, conscience crept in;

the awareness of responsibility, and a failure to meet it, produced

feelings of guilt. Those who live in cities and need no longer do

battle against Nature are nowadays most actively for Nature.

At this time, something like a thousand kinds of animals (vertebrate

animals) can be said to be in danger of extinction. A few of them have

been reduced to this precarious position by extensive killing but the

majority are disappearing only as fast as the particular kind of

country they need for existence is itself disappearing: and all this

at the hands of man, as often as not by mistake.

There are three species of turtles whose future survival is menaced by

the demand for turtle soup, which would hardly justify the

extermination of a giant reptile whose family has existed for 200

million years. Leopards are in jeopardy because of the fashion for

their skins. As they get rarer, the prices rise and, as leopard skin

coats become more expensive, the demand increases. No species can long

survive the price of #60000 which a half-grown baby leopard now

carries on its skin. And crocodiles, the longest surviving reptiles,

are now dwindling alarmingly as a result of the fashion in crocodile

skin for ladies' handbags and men's shoes.

The human population explosion spreads mankind across the land

surfaces of the earth at an alarming rate. There will be twice as many

of us before most of us are dead. Does this mean no room for wild

animals? Of course not, with ingenuity and forethought, a place can be

kept for them. To destroy their habitat is as unnecessary as it would

be to pull down a great cathedral in order to grow potatoes on the

site. A campaigne to save what remains is the concern of a new kind of

Noah's Ark_ the World Wide Fund. It does not believe that all is lost.

[Article Source:- Adapted from Peter Scott's article in Sunday Times]

Analysis Of Day By William Morris

In this short poem of 4 lines, William Morris tried his best to examine "Day" briefly. He employed personification as a main device, by personifying Day:

"I am Day; I bring again
Life and glory, Love and pain:
Awake, arise! from death to death
Through me the World's tale quickeneth."

The poet shows that each day comes with ups and downs and the m

Why Snails Form Their Cysts

Possibility can erupt from impossibility,
Where some folks say there is no way
Many folks have found their ways:
Be wise, be rational, be brave_
Consult your subconscious goddess to guide your ways
To realize why trees shed their precious leaves
All through some seasons
And realize why snails form their cysts
And refuse to feed on vegetables for weeks
Gird up your loin of common sense, my friend,
To cease passing wraths of excuses on circumstances of life; Solutions of life are where you dwell in,
Look vividly.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

How Relevant Is The Title A Raisin In The Sun By Lorraine Hansberry

The title of A Raisin in the Sun comes from the poem "Harlem: A Dream Deferred" by Langston Hughes (1951). Hughes was a prominent black poet during 1920s Harlem Renaissance in New York City, during which black artists of all kinds_ musicians, poets, writers_ gave innovative voices to their personal and cultural experiences. The Harlem Renaissance was a time of immense promise and hopefulness for black artists, as their efforts were noticed and applauded across the United States. In fact, the 1920s are known to history as the Jazz Age, since that musical form, created by a vanquard of black musicians, gained immense national popularity during the period and seemed to embody the exuberance and excitement of the decade. The Harlem Renaissance and the positive national response to the art it produced seemed to herald the possibilities of a new age of acceptance for blacks in America.

Langston Hughes was one of the brightest lights of the Harlem Renaissance, and his poems and essays celebrate black culture, creativity, and strength. However, Hughes wrote "Harlem" in 1951, twenty years after the Great Depression crushed the Harlem Renaissance and devastated black communities more terribly than any other group in the United States. In addition, the post-World War II years of 1950s were characterized by "white flight", in which whites fled the cities in favour of the rapidly growing suburbs. Blacks were often left behind in deteriorating cities, and were unwelcome in the suburbs. In a time of renewed prosperity, blacks were for the most part left behind. The poem reads:

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore_
And th

End Time Ministration

This must_ believe me_ the end-time.
The darkness has refused to switch off
The ceiling fan blowing fornication around.

Shame is a game, and harm is a charm
As end-time is pregnant with bestialism;
Open your eyes to see the ultrasound.

Half nudities tempt the views around
The office, the lobbies, the open parks
The back of mahogany trees are no limit

Don't dare visit the nightclubs
Population of women is more than men;
Men no longer fear to destroy their car shock absorbers.

Each dark corners of the street
Is tired, watching nudities of decent men and women
Loosen up their decencies

Promiscuity is digitalized even in the reels
Fornication has stolen journalism,
Through it promotion can come.

Fornication has forcefully torn the hymen
Of hardworking men and women;
Fornication is now a menace.

What else do you need to indicate, earth in decay?
I and everyone else fornicate, as if the order of the day
Including bosses and rookies_ Mondays to Fridays

Only God can intervene.
The darkness has refused to switch off
The ceiling fan blowing fornication around.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Fraudulent Avenue For Some Dudes

Guess why I'm with mockery attitudes
When some rusty ineptitudes
Gathered unemployed multitudes
To figure out their promptitudes
Through testing in job aptitudes

These tons of unemployed multitude
Who frustration in high magnitude
Have flooded their brains and fortitudes
To have forgetten all mathematical preludes;
Including equations to longitude and latitude.

Can't you see, they're victims in solicitudes;
Still awaiting the white-colar platitudes
In the land where education has devalued,
School certificates have been abused
And white-colar job, that used to be valued
Is now a fraudulent avenue for some dudes.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

The poem is not discouraging the importance of formal education, it is written to speak of the way too much love for money in this our society, has made people abuse the unemployed ones through deceits and under-employment (for instance, an M.A. holder earning as if with Secondary School Leaving Certificate).

Effects Of War On Children In The Dining Table By Gbanabom Hallowell

There are other posts about "The Dining Table" by Gbanabom Hallowell written in but this post will be looking at the effects of war on children in The Dining Table by Gbanabom Hallowell.

According to some records, it is said that the 11-year civil war of Sierra Leone (1991-2002) motivated Hallowell to write "The Dining Table". It is obvious in the poem that the war laid her painful hands on everybody (young and old).

The first obvious effect on the children is homelessness; homelessness gathered every age to the so-called “dinner table”; including the sleepless barefooted childre

Analysis Of Silence 2 By Remi Raji

Professor Remi Raji is a teacher of Literature at the Department of English Language, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

The themes of the poem are (i) victimization (ii) silence (iii) destruction (iv) killing and torturing (v) pain and panic

Setting, style, and diction:-
(i) chaotic setting (ii) free verse (iii) simple diction aided by enjambment

Poetic devices:-
(i) symbolism in line 1 "Beast" (ii) metaphor in line 2-3 (iii) alliteration in line 7 (iv) simile in line 12 (v) metonym in line 13 (vi) irony in line 14 (vii) rhetorical question in line 16 (viii) run-on-lines in the poem (ix) repetitions of "who sings".

The poem captures the total gagging of protests against arbitrary rule. The beast is a symbol of a tryrant ruler i.e Abacha.

Line 1-2: who prote

Contrast Between Vanity By Birago Diop And Piano And Drums By Gabriel Okara

We have examined and uncovered some contrast or differences between

Vanity by Birago Diop and Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara.

The few differences are as follows:

(1) "Vanity" centers on African cultural neglect while "Piano and

Drums" focuses on the Mixture of African culture with strange ones.

(2) "Vanity" is composed by a Senegalese poet named Birago Diop while

"Piano and Drums" is written by a Nigerian poet named Gabriel Okara.

(3) "Vanity" by Birago Diop is a 6 stanza poem with repetition and

rhetorical question as its major poetic devices while "Piano and

Drums" by Gabriel Okara is 4 stanza poem with imagery and symbolism as

its major poetic devices.

(4) "Vanity" is written in a lamentational way:

"And since we did not understand our dead

Since we have never listened to their cries

If we weep gently gently

If we cry roughly of our clamorings

What ear to our sobbing hearts?"

(according to the last stanza of the poem).

While "Piano and Drums" is written in a narrative way:

"When at break of day at a riverside

I hear jungle drums telegraphing

the mystic rhythm, urgent, raw

like bleeding flesh, speaking of

primal youth and the beginning,

I see the panther ready to pounce,

the Leopard snarling about to leap

and the hunters crouching with spears poised;"

(according to the first stanza of the poem).

(5) The poet in "Vanity" is advocating or intervening for the

ancestors while the poet in "Piano and Drums" is self-reflecting.

(6) The poem "Vanity" by Birago Diop makes use of first person plural

"we" in most of the lines while the poem "Piano and Drums" by Gabriel

Okara makes use of first person singular "I" in most of the lines.

(7) There is the theme of disobedience in the poem "Vanity" but the

poem "Piano and Drums" has the theme of dilemma.

Now read the similaries between both poems

How Relevant Still Is The Herzberg Hygiene Theory Of 1959

It has been an argument whether or not the Fredrick Herzberg hygiene

theory is still relevant in this present advanced administrative


Fredrick Herzberg 2-factors hygiene theory of 1959 was on "What do

people want from their job?" Research with 200 engineers and

accountants in Western Pennsylvania.

According to him, intrinsic factors such as achievement, recognition,

job, responsibility and advancement are related to job satisfaction

while extrinsic factors such as company policy and administration,

relationship, supervision, working condition and environment,

compensation and salary are related to job dissatisfaction. He

suggested that the opposite of satisfaction is not job dissatisfaction

but no satisfaction.

To move an employee from job dissatisfaction to no dissatisfaction,

these factors referred to as hygiene factors are needed:

(1) Supervisory style

(2) Interpersonal relationship

(3) Salary

(4) Personnel policy and administration

(5) Physical working condition

(6) Job security

(7) Compensation

(8) Personal life

These factors do not motivate greater productivity but peace. The

factors that create job satisfaction are called the motivator or

satisfaction. They are:

(1) The nature of the work which requires increase job autonomy.

(2) The achievement of an important task which was challenging.

(3) Responsibility at work; an increased responsibility.

(4) Recognition of work which means that a good effort at work needs

to be recognised.

(5) Opportunity for advancement of skill at work.

7 Differences Between International Trade And Internal Trade

The lists below show the few differences between international trade

and internal trade.

An international trade is the same as foreign trade. And internal

trade is the same as national trade.

(1) Labour and capital are less mobile in an international trade but

labour and capital are more mobile in an internal trade.

(2) While an international trade is believed to be very expensive,

such believe does not go with an internal trade.

(3) Climatic, cultural and language barriers that heavily come with an

international trade; are minute with an internal trade.

(4) An international trade involves more than one country and country

currency while an internal trade involves just one country and one

country currency.

(5) An international trade can encourage importation and exportation

but an internal trade won't.

(6) An international trade brings about foreign exchange revenue, an

internal trade does not bring about foreign exchange revenue.

(7) An international trade gives rise to problems of balance of trade

and balance of payment but an internal trade is void of those


Perfect Description

Just bath in the pool of goat blood,
His back patterned with herbalist blades,
His Head so big, bigger than chimpanzees.
Embezzled_ he has a lot of money
But with face so rough and ugly
Cracky voice with potbelly;
When you meet such a person
Never ever doubt your heart,
Nigerian politicians look like that.

So greedy they are like
Mosquitoes living in mortuaries:
Single Nigerian politician
Has counselored six times and
Commissionered twice,
Ministered four consecutive numbers,
Been House of Reps. more than thrice
And always a criminal his lifetime.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo And The 2015 Ballon d'Or

The outcome of the 2015 Ballon d'Or was no surprising to anyone at

all. The award for the World Player of the Year, which was won by

Lionel Messi of Argentina had longed been expected to be so. On

twitter, facebook, and lots of other social network sights; social

media users had long given it to Messi even before the award night.

Lionel Messi topped Cristiano Ronaldo with the difference of 13.57%

votes ( Lionel Messi= 41.33% votes while Cristiano Ronaldo= 27.76%

votes) with many other reasons why the award was given to him.

So now that the 30 year old Portuguese captain, Cristiano Ronaldo,

with 57 goals in as many games in 2015 - including a record 16 in the

Champions League - could not win him Ballon d'Or number four; the

candid suggestion for Cristiano Ronaldo and all his fans, is to keep

on keeping on and surely 2016 will be better off.

Themes Of The Proud King By William Morris

The Proud King by William Morris is a poem about a king named

Jovinian. He woke very early in the morning and thought of all his

glories, wealth and status; he asked himself "What need have I for

temple or for priest/ Am I not God, whiles that I live at least."

(line 27-28).

He went back to sleep and woke when the day has properly broke. He

decided to go hunting with his servants but while he was swimming in a

river and angel took his robe and horse and started acting like him.

For two day he was naked not even recognised by everyone he

approached; he was mock, maltreated and called a mad man

He only regained his position when he repented and became sober.

The themes of the poem are as follows:

(1) The theme of Fear: King Jovinian was a no nonsense king and

whenever he speaks, no other dare speak; "From dusk to dawn kept many

a lord awake/ For fear of him did many a great man quake" (line 6-7)

And when he makes mistake, he "knew that none durst say_ when he did

wrong" (line 21). Later in the poem, fearless king Jovinian began to

fear the lost of all his possessions, and also began to fear God in

line 606 he says "Lord God, what bitter things are these?"

(2) The theme of Pride: The poem is centered round the king's pride

and how his pride almost cost him all he has had. Even his pride made

people to fear him unnecessarily; "But at the dais must he sit alone/

Nor durst a man speak to him for his life" (in lines 10-11) and his

pride made him referred to himself as God; "What need have I for

temple or for priest/ Am I not God, whiles that I live at least."

(line 27-28).

(3) The theme of Supremacy: The poet proves that the supremacy of God

is far better than that of the King Jovinian. Jovinian's supremacy

makes him maintain fear and respect for his positions and possessions

but the supremacy of God ripped him off his position, shamed him and

made him worth nothing in the eyes of everyone; "The hot sun sorely

burned his naked skin" (in line 100). The angel finally revealed

himself to King Jovinian from line 719-728:

"And now he spoke, "O King, be not dismayed

Or think my coming here so strange to be,

For oft ere this have I been close to thee.

And now thou knowest in how short a space

The God that made the world can unmake thee

And though He alter in no whit thy face

Can make all folk forget thee utterly

That thou to-day a nameless wretch mayst be

Who yesterday woke up without a peer

The wide world's marvel and people's fear."

(4) The theme of Repentance: Without repentance, the proud king

wouldn't have regain his position and wealths. King Jovinian's began

to surface in the poem in different forms. He began to wear heart of

regret; "Muttered, I wish the day would ne'er come back/ If all that

once I had I now must lack" (line 333-334) in his regrets, he still

has hope for "the fresh morning air/ The rising sun, and all things

fresh and fair/ Yet caused some little hope in him to rise" (in lines

347-349) and at a certain point he narrated his plight to Christopher

a-Green from line 365-370:

"And asked him of his name and misery;

Then in his throat a swelling passion rose,

Which yet he swallowed down, and, "Friend," said he,

"Last night I had the hap to meet the foes

Of God and man, who robbed me, and with blows

Stripped off my weed and left me on the way:"

When King Jovinian became so confused in his state of nothingness, he

called on God in line 435-436; "Ah, God!" said he, "is this another

earth/ From that whereon I stood two days ago?" he further begged God

from line 605-609 "Saying, "Lord God, what bitter things are these?/

What hast thou done, that every man that sees/ This wretched body, of

my death is fain?/ O Lord God, give me back myself again!".

(5) The theme of Arrogance: King Jovinian's arrogance went far even in

his situation of penury, he was arrogantly approaching the nobles; he

was banging the palace gate with a very heavy stone in line 143-144

"He hurdled himself against the mighty gate/ And beat upon it madly

with a stone" and in line 215-217, he was shouting at the ranger;

"Armies will rise up when I nod my head/ Slay me! _or cast thy

treachery away/ And have anew my favour from this day."

(6) The theme of Vanity and Death: The Proud King realised that all

human possessions without God is vain. He realised such when he met

his queen, she didnt recognize him, the duke didnt recognize him, the

soldiers didnt recognize, the Father that used to know him didnt

recognize him, he was wandering with beggars and low-lives. At point

of death feared that his fame and glories and possessions will turn to

vain; "Or else is this the ending of my life/ And no man henceforth

shall remember me/ And a vain name in records shall I be." (line

460-462). The Proud King made mockery of his dead ancestor beause he

believed he would never die "But he, who seldom yet had seen death

near/ Or heard his name, said, "Still I may not die/ Though underneath

the earth my fathers lie/ My sire indeed was called a mighty king/ Yet

in regard of mine, a little" but Jovinian also died.

Features Of The New ENVY Notebook

Here the feature of the New HP ENVY notebook:

(1) Very Thin 12.9mm, weighing 2.8lbs

(2) 10 hour battery

(3) 5.7 Million Pixels

(4) Finger Print Reader

(5) Full-Sized Port

(6) USB Sleep And Charge

(7) Backlit Keyboard

The New HP ENVY notebook is with extraordinary performance and its

supreme thinness go hand in hand. With 6th generation Intel® Core™

processor3 power, up to 512GB SSD4, and a full range of ports, this

notebook was made to impress.

The article source is <a href="" rel="nofollow">hp website</a>.

Know Your CMS News Link

It is through Content Management System (CMS) that publishing,

editing, modifying, organizing, deleting, and maintaining of contents

from a central interface is made possible for a web administrator or a


There are many popular CMS to choose from; Joomla, Blogger, Drupal,

Magento, Pligg, Elgg, BuddyPress, Wordpress, etc.

Whatever Content Management System you have decided to choose, knowing

the information URL or the news update link of your CMS is very vital.

Not all CMS news come to your admin panel and what if you have turned

your admin update off? Loads of good helpful news would have slipped

through your fingers.

This post has come up with news links for each Content Management System (CMS):

(1) Drupal with

(2) Blogger with

(3) BuddyPress with

(4) Wordpress with

(5) Joomla with

(6) Pligg with

Night Rain

"2:15a.m." said my analog wall clock,
When woke suddenly by nightly mysticism
Druming haphazardly above my ceiling,
Singing rhythm of rain-icefall from heaven;
The night seemed colder, my roof seemed louder.

Would such had been, if
Gerard stone coated roof I used?

From my bed I stood:
Switched off my Air-Conditioner,
Tightened my window blind,
Slotted Celine Dion
To lead me back to land of sleep.

Should it be in poverty days,
I would be spreading bowls in the rain.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

The Court And The Prison

It was a Saturday morning and Agbo was in the market doing some

shopping for his mother. Suddenly, there was a lot of noise and he saw

some people chasing a man. They were shouting, "Thief! Thief!"

They caught the man and held him until a policeman came and took him away.

Next Monday at school, Agbo raised his hand to ask the teacher a question.

"Yes, Agbo?" said Mr. Alabi.

"Please, sir," said Agbo, "I saw a thief in the market last Saturday.

A policeman took him away. Can you tell us what will happen to him?"

"That's a good question, Agbo," said Mr. Alabi. "I will tell you. When

the policeman catches a person who has done something bad (we call the

person a criminal), he takes him to the police station and locks him

up in a small room called cell. Then, a few days later, he takes him

to court. The court is a very important place. The criminal has to

stand in front of the magistrate. The magistrate may ask witnesses to

come and tell him what they saw. A witness is a person who has seen

the man (or woman) and can say what he was doing. When everyone has

spoken, the magistrate decides if the man is guilty or innocent. If he

thinks the man is innocent (that means that he didn't do anything

wrong) he says he can go home, but if he decides that he is guilty,

then he sends him to prison, or makes him pay money. This money is

called a fine"

"Thank you sir," said Agbo. "That's very interesting."

Positivism And Logical Positivism

Positivism was developed first by Augustus Comte before J. S. Hill

improved on it. The contention in this school of taught is that only

those knowledge built on direct experience are genuine. It opines that

the knowledge is a cumulative and objective accumulation of facts.

Processes of science attest to this view point. Science relies heavily

on power of observation, collection and recording of data which

negotiates several bends to form scientific knowledge.

Symbolic logic combines with empiricism to form logical positivism.

Logic is a primary tool of analysis in science and the logical

positivists view of knowledge as mentioned by Adeniyi (1987) "is

connected with the verification theory of meaning in which the test of

the truth of a proposition is restricted to observation".

The new philosophy of science stresses the importance of the past in

determining the present and in predicting the future. It relies fully

on paradigms in explaining an event or an occurrence. The new

phiosophy of science acknowledge that theories are validated but

suggests that there is no established truth for determining the

superiority of one theory over another. This theory assumes a

conceptual change of events as the basis of new knowledge.

Mathematics As The Backbone Of Science And Technology

Mathematics is the language in which the Book of Nature is written:

Mathematics is the queen of the sciences. It is universally agreed

that Mathematics is the backbone of Science and Technology. For

without Mathematics the engineer is but an artist or a sculptor. He

can build his bridge, attest to its form and beauty, but without

Mathematics he cannot guarantee its reliability to serve the purpose

for which it is built. Mathematics is indeed the science of sciences.

It is also art of all arts. It is right, legitimate and defensible to

consider Mathematics as an Art. The poet, the musician, the artist and

the mathematician have a lot in common. Fundamental to all their

studies and works is their common interest in the logical study of

related concepts and objects to form patterns which will produce

beauty, harmony and order. Thus the poet arranges words to produce a

pattern called poetry; the musician arranges sounds to produce a

pattern called music; the artist arranges colours to produce a pattern

called painting and the mathematician arranges abstract ideas into a

pattern, using symbols, to produce equations. Each of these patterns_

thr poem, the music, the painting and the equation must stand up to

the test of some order, harmony and beauty. So if Mathematics is not

an art what is art?

[Article Detail: WAEC or WASSCE 1985 English Language Comprehension Passage 3]

10 Conditions Necessary For A Successful Democracy

The following are the conditions necessary for a successful democratic system:

(1) Independent judiciary: This body should be independent of the

executive and legislative arms of government. Judiciary should be

ready to entertain cases impartially.

(2) Tolerance: People should be ready to accommodate one another's

views and actions, despite their political differences.

(3) Activities of the government: The activities of the government

should be open.

(4) Rule of law: Rule of law must be obeyed and respected by everybody

in the political system.

(5) Democratic principles: The people should be ready to demonstrate

their desires to accommodate democratic principles.

(6) Opposition: Opposition groups in the society should be tolerated

by the government.

(7) Choice: Enthronment of leaders into positions in government must

be based on choice. The people should be able to elect honest and

acceptable leaders.

(8) Independent electoral commission: This body should be independent

to safeguard and promote its activities judiciously without fear or


(9) Free and fair election: For a successful operation of democracy,

the election must be free and fair.

(10) Popular participation: To create an avenue for popular

participation, the electorates should be adequately educated and well

informed too.

To Love Is An Opportunity

If we love someone,
We do not compulsarily expect them,
Love us in return.

If we do not love them,
Someone, somewhere with clean heart
Will come along and do.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying high)

Recent Talk About Apple Inc Car Manufacturing Project

It is no longer news that Apple Inc. (the maker of iPhones, iPads,

iPods, etc.) has an ongoing project to manufacture self-drive electric

vehicles; the news was even larger in the ears last year.

At least, we have seen Google's self-drive electric vehicles which is

the project of Google X; and between 2017 and 2020, Google's car will

be everywhere for public purchase and use.

According to a certain wikipedia article, "In May 2015, Apple investor

tycoon Carl Icahn stated that Apple will enter the automobile market

in 2020 with a unique car, as 'the ultimate mobile device'" such

statement is a prove that Apple Inc. does not want to stay behind on

the electric vehicle matter.

The recent talk is the new Apple's automobile domains (,, The purpose of the domain is yet known, some

people believe it is to assist users with Apple CarPlay.

CarPlay is like a link between a vehicle driver and his/her Apple

device(s). It is an Apple standard that enables a car radio or head

unit display and control an iPhone with touching it while driving.

CarPlay is available on all iPhones from the iPhone 5 with at least

iOS 7.1.

Honda, Ferrari, GM, Volvo, Hyundia, Kia, etc are the kinds of vehicles

that have CarPlay enabled. It can also be retrofitted to most vehicles

with aftermarket vehicle audio hardware from Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood.

No matter what the purpose of the domain is, Apple Inc. has continued

to be innovative in its doings and thats why we keep loving it.

Uncover The Mystery Of The Title Piano And Drums By Gabriel Okara

It requires a very solid understanding to uncover the mystery of the

title: Piano And Drums by Gabriel Okara.

The title of the poem "Piano And Drums" by Gabriel Okara is an example

of symbolism. The "Piano" is a symbol of civilization or simply every

new culture or style or fashion (from the whites) that is adopted into

the African society. On the other hand, "Drums" is a symbol of pure

African culture and way of life that still exist amidst the Africans.

The consequence of the cultural mixture or rather put_ the effect of

the cultural conflict on the poet and on everyone living in this

present generation, is that everyone easily gets "lost in the morning

mist/ Of an age at a riverside keep/ wandering in the mystic rhythm/

Of jungle drums and the concerto" (stanza 4) which leaves everyone in

a state of dilemma and confusion.

Simple Summary Of The Fence By Lenrie Peters

According to an intelectual source, "The poem is a moral one which deals with the poet's dillema. He recounts the "dim" past and juxtaposes it with the future. The future is misty and foggy, and for this reason, he cannot possibly guess what the future looks like, neither can the past proffer any solution.

In line 10-12, the poet recalls another striking phenomenon which is a contributing factor to the problem he is facing. This time, it is no longer time, but "age".

Indeed he is so wei

Analysis Of Abiku By Wole Soyinka

Some people claimed that Abiku by Wole Soyinka symbolised the poet's military imprisonment. They claimed that Wole Soyinka wrote the poem to prove to the military government of the period that he would remain unsubmissive:
"In vain your bangles cast
Charmed circles at my feet;
I am Abiku, calling for the first
And the repeated time."(line 1-4)

[Read: Cultural Reflection From Abiku By John Pepper Clark]

Other people claimed that Abiku by Wole Soyinka is a poem written to speak of the well-known African believe of a child dying and been given birth to by the same mother:
"So when the snail is burnt in his shell
Whet the heated fragments, brand me
Deeply on the breast. You must know him
When Abiku calls again."(line 9-12)

It might be coincidental that Wole Soyinka was imprisoned around the time he wrote the poem "Abiku" but I do not support the team that believed Abiku was a symbol of h

Drunkard-Plan Of Transporting Petroleum Produce By Rail System

No matter the existence of wickedness in a land where fairness used to

dominate, the relics of goodness and fairness will still be found in

many places.

Nigeria is a land where relics of comforts can still be found in many

places; referring to the relics of comforts available to the masses.

Comforts of the air, comforts of the land, comforts of the sea and

that of social living are now enjoyed only by the rich in the society.

Where there is an existence of a bad road is a sign that, there used

to be a good one there.

Where there is an unfunctional rail system is a sign that, there used

to be a functional one there.

Where there is a draggy educational system is a sign that there used

to be a smooth one before selfishness tookover the system.

The loads and loads of leaders of the land are bunch of

champagne-cloned brains, with no aim of amending the imperfections of

the land than to feather their own vanity nests.

Of recent, we keep hearing the drunkard-plan of transporting

pretroleum produce by rail system; What A Joke!

The brains that have failed to create standard accessible roads. The

same minds that have failed to come up with effective budgets that

will better the masses. The same hands that have failed to handle

their own spirit of indiscipline and corruptions effectively; are now

dishing out lies to make the masses believe they're still caring and


A rail system that has long failed to effectively transport human

beings, is now what will be transporting barrels and barrels of

petroleum produce that the whole nation depends on;

Oh, these drunkards must be clowning.

Understanding The CGI

What Is CGI?

CGI which means Common Gateway Interface can simply be referred to as

an interface between a web page form and a web server. Perl is the

most common language for writing a CGI script; so acceptance and

return of data is the major deal in the CGI programming.

Where To Find CGI?

A CGI script or CGI can be found in the cgi-bin directory which is in

the CGI Center, under Software And Services category of a web host

cpanel. This means that to locate a CGI script, you must have access

to a web host server cpanel => CGI Center => cgi-bin directory.

Who Can Use CGI?

Anyone who understands the web programming language, or anyone who has

the ability to manipulate files and contents of a host server can use


How To Use The CGI?

Anyone who wants the use of CGI must have Apache configured. Before a

script is installed in the server, it requires a rightful location

(i.e cgi-bin). The cgi-bin directory is the location you will use to

store your Perl or compiled script files. Any file you place in it

will be read as a program (instead of a html page or image) and be run

by the server.

When Poverty Bewitched

When poverty bewitched our sights
We used to believe no other can cook
Faster than firewoods
Our pepper sauce taste the sweetest
If only milled on milling stone

Our garments clean the best
By the rocky flowing stream;
The goddess of the stream_ we believed
Always took our dirts away to the bed of the stream.

Whenever we mashed and mashed our garments
On the dark rocks of the stream
Our impurities_ we believed
Flushed with the flowing stream to the bed of the stream

Now we living in plenitude
Every thing good at arms length
We begin to realise now:
The gas cookers cook faster than firewoods,
The electric blenders blend faster the mills,
The auto-washing machines wash finer
Than our rocky stream in the past
Where poverty bewitched our sights.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Marriage Under Illusion

Remember the tale as old as time,
The tale of the beauty and the beast.
Such lame relationship at the end of the movie
Found an everlasting joy and peace;
Movies and realities differ in high degree
If marriage under illusion of being in love
The matrimonial bed will hatch bugs of divorce
Love at first sight, love at first touch,
Love at first discuss, can yield a blessing or curse
As unions_ these days_ are full of selfish choosings
For to err is human, to bend is every heart
Where some errors are hard to ever amend;
If marriage is fake, it will surely break.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


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