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10 Conditions Necessary For A Successful Democracy

The following are the conditions necessary for a successful democratic system:

(1) Independent judiciary: This body should be independent of the

executive and legislative arms of government. Judiciary should be

ready to entertain cases impartially.

(2) Tolerance: People should be ready to accommodate one another's

views and actions, despite their political differences.

(3) Activities of the government: The activities of the government

should be open.

(4) Rule of law: Rule of law must be obeyed and respected by everybody

in the political system.

(5) Democratic principles: The people should be ready to demonstrate

their desires to accommodate democratic principles.

(6) Opposition: Opposition groups in the society should be tolerated

by the government.

(7) Choice: Enthronment of leaders into positions in government must

be based on choice. The people should be able to elect honest and

acceptable leaders.

(8) Independent electoral commission: This body should be independent

to safeguard and promote its activities judiciously without fear or


(9) Free and fair election: For a successful operation of democracy,

the election must be free and fair.

(10) Popular participation: To create an avenue for popular

participation, the electorates should be adequately educated and well

informed too.

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