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$1.6 Billion Powerball Jackpot And The 3 Winners

According to the news on, "The winners of a record $1.6

billion U.S. Powerball jackpot had yet to come forward early on

Thursday, with officials saying the prize will be split between

holders of three tickets sold in Tennessee, California and Florida.

Each of the three winning tickets is worth $528.8 million."

The Powerball always reminds of the 2010 comedy movie titled: "Lottery

Ticket" written by Erik White and Abdul Williams which starred Bow

Wow, Brandon T. Jackson, Ice Cube, etc.

The movie had Kevin Carson (Bow Wow) won the lottery ticket worth $370

million. He began to face troubles from neighbors who wanted the

ticket to become theirs; with the help and advise of his very close

friend Benny (Brandon T. Jackson) he secured the ticket and at the end

of the movie, he invested few of the lottery money on community


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