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5 Differences Between Plants And Animals

Living things are classified into groups and the largest group for

living things is called kingdom; which exists the animal kingdom and

the plant kingdom.

Here are 5 differences between plants and animals:

(1) Animals possess skin, fur, scale, shell, etc. While plants possess

scalp, stems, roots, etc.

(2) Animals move from place to place. While plants stay in one place.

(3) Animals body do not contain cellulose for support. While plants

body contain cellulose for support.

(4) Animals do not have the green pigment chlorophyll. While plants do

have the green pigment chlorophyll.

(5) Animals cannot make their own food from air, water, sunlight, and

chemicals from the soil; so they feed on plants and animals. While

plants make their own food from air, water, sunlight and chemicals

from the soil.

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