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5 Kinds Of Retail Outlets Goods Are Sold

Write short notes on the following types of retail outlets:

Supermarkets, Mobile shops, Department stores, Chain stores, Hawking.

(1) Supermarkets:- They are large self-service shops which have wide

range of household goods contain attached price tags. Supermarkets are

mostly located in urban areas.

(2) Mobile Shops:- They are motorised shops. They are vehicles which

carry vendors and their goods from place to place for the purpose of

making sales. Due to the size of vehicles, they deal with limited

goods or specialize in the sales of certain goods. Mobile shops do

play music to attract customers.

(3) Department stores:- They are multiple shops under a certain roof

where each shop has its own owner and sells variety of goods. They

have opportunity for convenient facilities and do offer self-services.

(4) Chain Stores:- They are shops with branches in multiple places

having the same name and logo all over but have a headoffice where

their sales and purchases are centralised. They sell one line of


(5) Hawking:- This is the practice of trading where a trader carries

his or her stocks looking for who to buy. This is mostly done when

selling perishable or consumable goods and this practice mostly

require small capital. The seller creates awareness through strategic

song, shout or signal while he or she moves around.

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