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5 Tips To Move Your Website Or Domain

When it comes to moving a domain, it may seem scary the first time

remembering the loads of contents and hard times taken for the design

of the website or domain. In most cases, it is very advisable to leave

the moving of a domain in the hand of professionals (which may or may

not require transfer fee depending on many factors)

We learn by living and we live by learning. To try out the moving of

your website or domain by yourself, you need to keep the following 5

tips in mind:

(1) You Must Create Backup For Your Files

(2) You Must Make Your Previous And New Host Provider Realise That You

Are Moving Your Domain

(3) You Must Find Out All DNS And Nameserver Settings

(4) You Must Update Your DNS To Suit Your New Host

(5) You Must Setup Your Account Before Moving

Keeping these 5 tips in mind, the rest will be easy.

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