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7 Differences Between International Trade And Internal Trade

The lists below show the few differences between international trade

and internal trade.

An international trade is the same as foreign trade. And internal

trade is the same as national trade.

(1) Labour and capital are less mobile in an international trade but

labour and capital are more mobile in an internal trade.

(2) While an international trade is believed to be very expensive,

such believe does not go with an internal trade.

(3) Climatic, cultural and language barriers that heavily come with an

international trade; are minute with an internal trade.

(4) An international trade involves more than one country and country

currency while an internal trade involves just one country and one

country currency.

(5) An international trade can encourage importation and exportation

but an internal trade won't.

(6) An international trade brings about foreign exchange revenue, an

internal trade does not bring about foreign exchange revenue.

(7) An international trade gives rise to problems of balance of trade

and balance of payment but an internal trade is void of those


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