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Aims And Objectives Of Teaching Literature At The Senior Secondary School Level

Literature In English should be taught at the Senior Secondary School
level in order to:

(1) inculcate in the students the entertainment and instructive values
of literature as a follow-up to the literary skills learnt in the
Junior Secondary School.

(2) give students a rich and well rounded humanistic education. This
can be achieved through broadening the cultural horizon of the
students by exposing them to works that are varied in perspective and
yet universal in application.

(3) equip the students to develop the capacity for independent thought
and judgement.

(4) develop student's ability to respond appropriately and
independently to literary works.

(5) re-enforce the English Language skill already acquired by the
students by exposing them to language in action in literary tests and

(6) expose students to healthy human values and attributes.

(7) expose students to the beauty and potentials of language.

(8) encourage attempts at creative writing as a means of understanding
the creative process and appreciating the principle of creativity,
specially for those who can benefit from it.

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