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Analysis Of Detainee By Remi Raji

Detainee is a political poem written by Professor Remi Raji. The title

of the poem refers to those imprisoned due to political protests

against tyrant rule.

The whole of the five stanza poem is dominated by rhetorical question

not exclude the title of the poem.

The first stanza:

"What is a detainee

Without his trophy

Of violent hours, minutes

Like a millennium's millipede

In the cave

Of the captor's chamber




Who is a prisoner that is constantly disturbed and tortured in the

prison with no reward to show. This is against Democratic ethics on

the right of political detainee.

The second stanza:-

"Who is the detainee

Of decomposition


In silhouettes

Of silence

Its mind reeking

With maggots of hate



Who is the detainee that has been reduced to a state of decomposition.

Decomposition in the sense that he or she has been alienated to news,

people, health, etc; held in incommunicado. He starts to reduce

mentally and only the thing that pervades or goes on in his mind is


The third stanza:-

"And why

Why is the detainee

So common in this bar

Like fleas in colony

Of beggars



Why are these political prisoners so common common in this prison like

fleas in colony of beggars. Simile is used in the third stanza to

create more clear picture of how the political prisoners are so many.

The fourth stanza:-

"Who is the detainee

Locked in the small


Of the country's pus



This stanza describes the prisoners environment. "Pox of country's

pus" the place is disgusting, unfit for incarceration, degrading and

demeaning. The fourth used metaphor.

The fifth stanza:-

"Why is the detainee

The common breed

The next of kin

To all

My kindred ones



Why are these political prisoners, people I know? Why are they the one

who share similar ideology as mine? Why are these political prisoners

colleagues, friends and relatives I know?

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