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Apple Inc. Beats 1 And iTunes Radio

Close to 3 years, since the inception of iTunes Radio in 2013, the

service has been free to Apple users until the sudden announcement

that the iTunes Radio will no longer be a free service by the end of

January 2016.

iTunes Radio is an internet radio service by Apple Inc. Such

announcement would have been very unfair to lovers of the iTunes Radio

service; but Apple Inc. has been kind enough to provide an alternative

which is Beats 1.

According to an article on Apple Inc. website, "Beats 1 is a place for

progressive radio programming. Alongside new music programs from our

anchor DJs, we've invited some of the biggest artists in the world to

make brilliant radio shows — from exclusive weekly DJ mixes to

interviews with iconic musicians about albums that changed their


Beats 1 plays everything from old-school hip-hop to futuristic pop,

and it's all handpicked by people who live and breathe music."

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