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Contrast Between Vanity By Birago Diop And Piano And Drums By Gabriel Okara

We have examined and uncovered some contrast or differences between

Vanity by Birago Diop and Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara.

The few differences are as follows:

(1) "Vanity" centers on African cultural neglect while "Piano and

Drums" focuses on the Mixture of African culture with strange ones.

(2) "Vanity" is composed by a Senegalese poet named Birago Diop while

"Piano and Drums" is written by a Nigerian poet named Gabriel Okara.

(3) "Vanity" by Birago Diop is a 6 stanza poem with repetition and

rhetorical question as its major poetic devices while "Piano and

Drums" by Gabriel Okara is 4 stanza poem with imagery and symbolism as

its major poetic devices.

(4) "Vanity" is written in a lamentational way:

"And since we did not understand our dead

Since we have never listened to their cries

If we weep gently gently

If we cry roughly of our clamorings

What ear to our sobbing hearts?"

(according to the last stanza of the poem).

While "Piano and Drums" is written in a narrative way:

"When at break of day at a riverside

I hear jungle drums telegraphing

the mystic rhythm, urgent, raw

like bleeding flesh, speaking of

primal youth and the beginning,

I see the panther ready to pounce,

the Leopard snarling about to leap

and the hunters crouching with spears poised;"

(according to the first stanza of the poem).

(5) The poet in "Vanity" is advocating or intervening for the

ancestors while the poet in "Piano and Drums" is self-reflecting.

(6) The poem "Vanity" by Birago Diop makes use of first person plural

"we" in most of the lines while the poem "Piano and Drums" by Gabriel

Okara makes use of first person singular "I" in most of the lines.

(7) There is the theme of disobedience in the poem "Vanity" but the

poem "Piano and Drums" has the theme of dilemma.

Now read the similaries between both poems





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