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Discuss Yaremi As The Protagonist Of Lonely Days By Bayo Adebowale

At around age 50, Yaremi was not just good looking, she was a very

generous woman to the needy. Her generosity plus hardwork made her a

well known woman in Kufi. Yaremi is the protagonist of Lonely Days by

Bayo Adebowale. Many of the events in the novel revolved around her

because her ideology of womanhood was different from that of other

Kufi women.

Yaremi coped properly with the pains of widowhood. She stood her

ground and fought against men who wanted to take advantage of her

widow state. In page 101, she abusively rejected Ayanwale when he

continued to persuade her to mary him.

Yaremi felt that women of Kufi deserve female empowerment, she took it

upon herself to become the representive of women in the fight against

unnecessary dominance. Her fearlessness made her refuse the choosing

of a cap at the cap-picking ceremony. Yaremi also claimed in page 103

that "nobody can use me, like a house help, Lanwa, to peel tubers, and

slice banana chips on the wooden bench, in front of a lonely farmstead

in the bush"

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