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Drunkard-Plan Of Transporting Petroleum Produce By Rail System

No matter the existence of wickedness in a land where fairness used to

dominate, the relics of goodness and fairness will still be found in

many places.

Nigeria is a land where relics of comforts can still be found in many

places; referring to the relics of comforts available to the masses.

Comforts of the air, comforts of the land, comforts of the sea and

that of social living are now enjoyed only by the rich in the society.

Where there is an existence of a bad road is a sign that, there used

to be a good one there.

Where there is an unfunctional rail system is a sign that, there used

to be a functional one there.

Where there is a draggy educational system is a sign that there used

to be a smooth one before selfishness tookover the system.

The loads and loads of leaders of the land are bunch of

champagne-cloned brains, with no aim of amending the imperfections of

the land than to feather their own vanity nests.

Of recent, we keep hearing the drunkard-plan of transporting

pretroleum produce by rail system; What A Joke!

The brains that have failed to create standard accessible roads. The

same minds that have failed to come up with effective budgets that

will better the masses. The same hands that have failed to handle

their own spirit of indiscipline and corruptions effectively; are now

dishing out lies to make the masses believe they're still caring and


A rail system that has long failed to effectively transport human

beings, is now what will be transporting barrels and barrels of

petroleum produce that the whole nation depends on;

Oh, these drunkards must be clowning.

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