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End Time Ministration

This must_ believe me_ the end-time.
The darkness has refused to switch off
The ceiling fan blowing fornication around.

Shame is a game, and harm is a charm
As end-time is pregnant with bestialism;
Open your eyes to see the ultrasound.

Half nudities tempt the views around
The office, the lobbies, the open parks
The back of mahogany trees are no limit

Don't dare visit the nightclubs
Population of women is more than men;
Men no longer fear to destroy their car shock absorbers.

Each dark corners of the street
Is tired, watching nudities of decent men and women
Loosen up their decencies

Promiscuity is digitalized even in the reels
Fornication has stolen journalism,
Through it promotion can come.

Fornication has forcefully torn the hymen
Of hardworking men and women;
Fornication is now a menace.

What else do you need to indicate, earth in decay?
I and everyone else fornicate, as if the order of the day
Including bosses and rookies_ Mondays to Fridays

Only God can intervene.
The darkness has refused to switch off
The ceiling fan blowing fornication around.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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