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Faceless By Amma Darko: Compare Fofo's Life On The Street To Living With Dina

The 14yrs old Fofo was a victim of poverty, that led her to the

street, so rugged, promiscuous, drinking, stealing and participating

in lots of other desperate acts. At a point, she escaped the rape

attempt of Poison, a young ganglord who was notorious for raping


Fofo was the protagonist of the novel and that's why the story

revolved around her. She was part of those attempting to get to the

root of Baby T's death alongside the MUTE team.

Fofo's life began to take good shape when Dina took her in; providing

her with food, shelter, and a conducive environment to have peace of

mind. On behalf of her (Dina) organization, she got "some

organizations with training facilities" (according to page 176) to

take Fofo on.

In the novel: Faceless by Amma Darko, Dina was the founder of the

non-governmental organization called MUTE which was devoted to build a

body of information which was fondly refered to as "The Alternative


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