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Fraudulent Avenue For Some Dudes

Guess why I'm with mockery attitudes
When some rusty ineptitudes
Gathered unemployed multitudes
To figure out their promptitudes
Through testing in job aptitudes

These tons of unemployed multitude
Who frustration in high magnitude
Have flooded their brains and fortitudes
To have forgetten all mathematical preludes;
Including equations to longitude and latitude.

Can't you see, they're victims in solicitudes;
Still awaiting the white-colar platitudes
In the land where education has devalued,
School certificates have been abused
And white-colar job, that used to be valued
Is now a fraudulent avenue for some dudes.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

The poem is not discouraging the importance of formal education, it is written to speak of the way too much love for money in this our society, has made people abuse the unemployed ones through deceits and under-employment (for instance, an M.A. holder earning as if with Secondary School Leaving Certificate).

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