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How Rural Unemployment Becomes Urban Unemployment

In many places in the world today, the poor are getting poorer while

the rich are getting richer, and the programmes of development

planning and foreign aid appear to be unable to reverse this trend.

Nearly all the developing countries have a morder sector, where the

pattern of living and working are similar to those in developed

countries. But they also have a non-modern sector, where the pattern

of living and working are not only unsatisfactory, but in many cases

are even getting worse.

What is the typical condition of the poor in developing countries?

Their work opportunities are so limited that they cannot work their

way out of their situation. They are underemployed or totally

unemployed; when they do find occasional work, their productivity is

extremely low. Some of them have land, but often too little land. Many

have no land, and no prospect of ever getting any. There is no hope

for them in the rural areas and so, they drift into the big cities.

But there is no work for them in the big cities either_ and of course

no housing. All the same, they flock into the cities because their

chances of finding some work appear to be greater than in the

villages_ where they are nil. Rural unemployment then, produces

mass-migration into the cities; rural unemployment becomes urban


The problem can be stated quite simply: what can be done to promote

economic growth outside the big cities, in the small towns and

villages, which still contains 80 to 90% of the total population? The

primary need is workplaces, literally millions of workplaces.

[Article Source:- Ray Williams: Panorama]

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