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Know Your CMS News Link

It is through Content Management System (CMS) that publishing,

editing, modifying, organizing, deleting, and maintaining of contents

from a central interface is made possible for a web administrator or a


There are many popular CMS to choose from; Joomla, Blogger, Drupal,

Magento, Pligg, Elgg, BuddyPress, Wordpress, etc.

Whatever Content Management System you have decided to choose, knowing

the information URL or the news update link of your CMS is very vital.

Not all CMS news come to your admin panel and what if you have turned

your admin update off? Loads of good helpful news would have slipped

through your fingers.

This post has come up with news links for each Content Management System (CMS):

(1) Drupal with

(2) Blogger with

(3) BuddyPress with

(4) Wordpress with

(5) Joomla with

(6) Pligg with

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