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Love In The Wilderness By Adeyemi Babatunde

Love, the joiner of the universe
The earth lacked your presence
You left the earth to live alone
Why? Why the separation?

Look at the twin Brothers,
Against their birth
Look at the Couple
Against their marriage oath
Why? Why the division?

North hates South, South hates West
West hates East, so the tribal hatred
Why? Why the hatred?

There is one love in the town
But fake
A very loving hatred
A helping man to mislead the blind
An interpreter to misinterpret
To the deaf
Couples just in good times
In the place of Executives
Why? Why the deception?
Oh! The love in the wilderness

Then what are we to do
To call back
The love in the wilderness
Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters
Lets follow the pointing hands
To the wilderness
Make it a war affair
With the fake love
And regain back home
The lost love in the wilderness.

Copyright (c) Adeyemi Babatunde

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