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Mathematics As The Backbone Of Science And Technology

Mathematics is the language in which the Book of Nature is written:

Mathematics is the queen of the sciences. It is universally agreed

that Mathematics is the backbone of Science and Technology. For

without Mathematics the engineer is but an artist or a sculptor. He

can build his bridge, attest to its form and beauty, but without

Mathematics he cannot guarantee its reliability to serve the purpose

for which it is built. Mathematics is indeed the science of sciences.

It is also art of all arts. It is right, legitimate and defensible to

consider Mathematics as an Art. The poet, the musician, the artist and

the mathematician have a lot in common. Fundamental to all their

studies and works is their common interest in the logical study of

related concepts and objects to form patterns which will produce

beauty, harmony and order. Thus the poet arranges words to produce a

pattern called poetry; the musician arranges sounds to produce a

pattern called music; the artist arranges colours to produce a pattern

called painting and the mathematician arranges abstract ideas into a

pattern, using symbols, to produce equations. Each of these patterns_

thr poem, the music, the painting and the equation must stand up to

the test of some order, harmony and beauty. So if Mathematics is not

an art what is art?

[Article Detail: WAEC or WASSCE 1985 English Language Comprehension Passage 3]

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