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Mathematics Scheme Of Work For JSS 1


(Week 1) Revision and Resumption

(Week 2) Development of number systems; counting, symbols for numbers

and the place-value system.

(Week 3) Large and small numbers; reading and writing large numbers.

(Week 4) Factors and multiples; highest common factors (hcf),

multiples, lowest common multiple (lcm)

(Week 5) Fractions and percentages; common fractions, equivalent

fraction, basic operations on fractions, percentages.

(Week 6) Use of symbols; letters for numbers, open sentence.

(Week 7) Solids; three-dimensional shapes, cuboids and cubes,

cylinders and prisms, cones and pyramids, spheres, naming vertices,

edges and faces.

(Week 8) Algebraic simplification; coefficients, grouping positive and

negative terms, word problems.

(Week 9) Angles; measurement of angles, angle as rotation, measuring

angles, constructing angles.

(Week 10) Angles continued; construction of angles.

(Week 11) Revision

(Week 12) Examination

(Week 13) Examination.


(Week 1) Resumption and revision.

(Week 2) Fractions; decimal and percentages, addition and subtraction,

multiplication and division.

(Week 3) Use of symbols; word problems, algebra from words.

(Week 4) Plane shapes; rectangles and squares, triangles, polygons, circles.

(Week 5) Direct numbers; the number line, adding and subtracting

positive numbers, adding and subtracting negative numbers.

(Week 6) Perimeter of plane shapes; using formula to calculate

perimeter, perimeter of circles.

(Week 7) Area of plane shape; area of rectangles and squares, area of

parallelograms, area of triangles and trapeziums, area of circles.

(Week 8) Algebraic simplification; brackets, multiplication and

division of algebraic terms, order of operations, removing brackets.

(Week 9) Volume of solids; volume of cuboids and cubes.

(Week 10) Volume of right angled triangular prism, capacity of containers.

(Week 11) Revision.

(Week 12) Examination.

(Week 13) Examination.


(Week 1) Resumption and revision

(Week 2) Statistics; purpose and data collection, the need for statistics.

(Week 3) Statistics continued; types of presentation, list and tables,

graphical presentation.

(Week 4) Simple equations; solution of an equation.

(Week 5) Angles between lines; angles in a triangle, calculating the

sizes of angles, parallel lines, angles in a triangle.

(Week 6) Geometrical constructions; construction of parallel lines,

construction of perpendiculars, to bisect a straight line, to

construct an angle of 90 degrees, to construct an angle of 60 degrees.

(Week 7) Statistics; averages, the mean, the median, the mode,

(Week 8) Estimation and approximation; rounding off numbers, approximation.

(Week 9) Base 2 arithmetic; number bases, binary numbers, operations

with binary numbers.

(Week 10) Revision

(Week 11) Examination

(Week 12) Examination.

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