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Plot Of Arms And The Man By George Bernard Shaw

Raina Petkoff is engaged to Sergious Saranoff who is a major in the

Bulgarian and Serbian war. He becomes famous and heroic as the war


As the war ends, a fugitive runs into Petkoff's house entering through

the shutters. He seeks refuge in the hand of Raina the daughter of

Petkoff who is yet to return from the war front. Raina promises

protection and safety to the fugitive. She prevents a search officer

from searching the house throughly. Afterwards she sends the man home

in camouflage on her father's coat. She inserted her photograph as a

souvenir in one of the pocket of the coat.

The fugitive arrives to return the coat. Seeing Bluntschili, he recognizes him.

Sergious is unfaithful to his engagement to Raina. He accuses

Bluntschili of lusting after Raina. He challenges him to a fight. The

matter is resolved in happy marriage between Sergious and Louka on one

hand, and Raina and Bluntschili on the other thereby making the play a


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