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Reasons For The Equilibrium between Birth-Rate And Death-Rate

All over the world till lately, and in most of the world still today,

mankind has been following the course of nature: that is to say, it

has been breeding up to the maximum. To let nature take her

extravagant course in the reproduction of the human race may have made

sense in an age in which we were also letting her take her course in

decimating mankind by the casualties of war, pestilence, and famine.

Being human, we have at last revolted against that senseless waste. We

have started to impose on nature's heartless play a humane new order

of our own. But, when once man has begun to interfere with nature, he

cannot afford to stop half way. We cannot, with impunity, cut down the

death-rate and at the same time allow the bith-rate to go on taking

nature's course. We must consciously try to establish an equilibrium

or, sooner or later, famine will stalk abroad again.

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