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Remediating Your Smelly Armpits The Nigerian Way

Nigeria is a place where humans with no sweat glands are seen

sweating. Imagine you board a mini-cab where 2 people squeeze in front

seat plus the driver making 3 while 4 people squeeze themselves at the

rear seat. Your work demands that you suit up in a situation where the

air-conditioner isn't working properly, the task is too tedious and

the working hour is too long... Sweating must surely happen.

Remediating smelly armpit the Nigerian way; some people must be

expecting the recommendation to see a herbalist or spiritualist but

this post is not going to choose such strategy. Below are what to do:

(1) Stop using anticeptic soap if you already use it for bath.

(2) Get 2 or more towels and ensure you always keep them clean.

(3) Acquire a lot of underwears and ensure they are aways clean.

(4) Always keep your bedspread and nighties clean.

(5) Shave your armpits regularly to prevent hairs that harbor bacteria

causing you ordeous armpit.

(6) Wash your armpits with water and alum stone for once or twice in 2

weeks to properly clean your pores.

(7) Cleanse you armpits with cottonwool and hydrogen peroxide should

in case you're not a fan of alum stone.

(8) Dampen your armpits properly with bodyspray or get a roll-on for yourself.

(9) Always carry in your bag, an Anticeptic Dusting Powder made by PZ

Cusson, everywhere you go.

(10) Very importantly, see a dermatologist or any medical practitioner.





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