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Summary Plot Of The Blood Of A Stranger By Dele Charley

Maligu, the Chief advisor to King Santigi Mando V, declares that an

unidentified white man would be their village guest soon, as written

him in a letter sent by his brother from the city. He seeks and finds

the cooperation of Soko, the priest of the village shrine, to prophesy

that the land should welcome this guest. This manipulated prophecy is

against the existing spiritual ordinance of the community not to

accept visitors, which has been observed since the war in the land. It

is a difficult injunction for the people to accept. To them, strangers

represent illness, disease, and aggression. However, because Soko is

the ordained priest of the village that has always interceded between

them and their forefathers, the people have no reason to question or

doubt his divination; their forefathers must have sent this vision.

They prepare therefore to welcome the visitor. Kindo, chief warrior

and son of the king, feels otherwise and senses something is wrong

because of the strange alliance between Soko and Maligu on this news.

Knowing that the two are fraudulent and dishonest, Kindo becomes

suspicious of Soko's claim that he received the vision to admit the

stranger into Mando land. The white man symbolically called Whitehead,

arrives and show little or no respect for the culture and traditions

of the land. Kindo forces him to order and a seed of discord between

them is sown. Whitehead soon takes Maligu into confidence that his

true motive of coming is the diamonds on their land. He has given the

king a false impression he is in the land to cultivate a tobacco farm,

build a school and help the village from the proceeds of the tobacco

farm. Indeed his actual purpose is to have the farmers unsuspectingly

harvest the diamonds for him.

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Isabella isnotinsane said...

This is good but have you considered adding a character analysis as well?


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