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The Free Morphemes

The defining features of free morphemes include: (A) They are the

morphological units that exist in solution (B) They have independent

meanings when existing in solution (C) Different morphemes can be

attached to them to produce new word (D) They are also called roots or

stems when they manifest the third characteristic. Thus, we exemplify

the free morphemes in Ahan with the words listed below (1) Uru

'something' (2) Thithe 'eating' (3) Etu 'fish' (4) Epu 'oil palm' (5)

The 'eat' (6) Thi 'sleep' (7) Aren 'work' (8) Fe 'play (VERB)' (9) Imi

'faeces' (10) Afe 'play (NOUN)' (11) Oruru 'Thread' (12) Ota 'sixty'

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