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The Only Time Hardwork Will Begin To Worth The Effort

Not everyone is born with silver spoon; let the silver spoon babies
gallivant in wealth while the rest face the reality of life and make
their own silver spoon a possibility through hardwork and tenacity.

It is a very glorious thing to be diligent and hardworking. Since an
idle hand is a devil's workshop; hardwork definitely worths the effort
of every living human beings. They say that hardwork is the key to
success but I disagree to agree that hardwork is the object that
sustains or upholds success whenever it is achieved.

In this era of rat-race, where everyone is working for someone else
(either non-government or government), the worth of hardwork is now
lesser to what it should be.

This post is a reminder to every hardworking human beings never to
forget the fact that "it is the poor and the middle class that work
for money but the rich always make money work for them;" and it is
only then that hardwork can highly worth the effort.

According to Robert T. Kiyosaki in his book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", he
says, "If you learn the lesson, you'll enjoy a life of great freedom
and security." A very great and helpful book, though few of my friends
do not like the financial philosophy of Robert T. Kiyosaki because
they feel his book philosophy cannot help a meager earning Nigerian to
attain financial freedom; they preferred George S. Clason's book: The
Richest Man In Babylon.

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