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The Sweep-Aside Method Is The Women's Antidote

The first rule in handling objections effectively is that you should

hear them out completely, without interrupting. Even when a lady is

objecting, you are gettting an opportunity to listen, and listening

builds trust. A very proud lady can be transformed into a neutral or

beneficial friend when you practice the "white magic" of attentive


Treat each objection as if it was actually a question. When a lady

says, "I can't afford to waste my time talking to you." You have to

reply by saying "That's a good question! How can you justify your time

with me, when you've not even enjoyed the benefit of knowing me; or

are you judging the book by its cover?"

When you experience initial resistance as in when a lady says, "I'm

not interested." You just have to reply her with the Sweep-Aside

Method. Say these words, positive and politely, with smile on your

face: "That's all right. Most ladies felt the same way when we first

met but now we have become the best of friends and they are proud to

speak of our friendship to their other friends."

Such reply usually triggers this response, "What do you mean?" to

which you respond, "That is exactly what I would like to talk to you

about, and I only need a few minutes of your time."

With the Sweep-Aside Method, you will keep having the conversation and

rapport you desire with women; be you a seeker of friendship or a

consultant or a mediator, etc. Thanks to Brian Tracy, from who the

concept is gotten.

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