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The Uses Of Internet Cookies

Below are the few important uses of internet cookies for the benefit

of the internet administrators and surfers:

(1) Cookies are used to make the ads shown relevant to the internet users.

(2) Cookies are used to remember a safe search preference.

(3) Cookies are used to count how many visitors to a particular webpage.

(4) Cookies are used for the protection of data.

(5) Cookies are used to assist internet users on sign up for services.

What is cookie?

It is a small piece of text sent to a browser by a website visited. It

helps the website to remember information about the visitors, like

their preferred languages and other settings.

It can make the next visit to be a very easy experience and can make

the site more useful to the visitor(s). Cookies play an important

role. Without them, using the web would be a much more frustrating


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