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Uncover The Mystery Of The Title Piano And Drums By Gabriel Okara

It requires a very solid understanding to uncover the mystery of the

title: Piano And Drums by Gabriel Okara.

The title of the poem "Piano And Drums" by Gabriel Okara is an example

of symbolism. The "Piano" is a symbol of civilization or simply every

new culture or style or fashion (from the whites) that is adopted into

the African society. On the other hand, "Drums" is a symbol of pure

African culture and way of life that still exist amidst the Africans.

The consequence of the cultural mixture or rather put_ the effect of

the cultural conflict on the poet and on everyone living in this

present generation, is that everyone easily gets "lost in the morning

mist/ Of an age at a riverside keep/ wandering in the mystic rhythm/

Of jungle drums and the concerto" (stanza 4) which leaves everyone in

a state of dilemma and confusion.

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