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Understanding The CGI

What Is CGI?

CGI which means Common Gateway Interface can simply be referred to as

an interface between a web page form and a web server. Perl is the

most common language for writing a CGI script; so acceptance and

return of data is the major deal in the CGI programming.

Where To Find CGI?

A CGI script or CGI can be found in the cgi-bin directory which is in

the CGI Center, under Software And Services category of a web host

cpanel. This means that to locate a CGI script, you must have access

to a web host server cpanel => CGI Center => cgi-bin directory.

Who Can Use CGI?

Anyone who understands the web programming language, or anyone who has

the ability to manipulate files and contents of a host server can use


How To Use The CGI?

Anyone who wants the use of CGI must have Apache configured. Before a

script is installed in the server, it requires a rightful location

(i.e cgi-bin). The cgi-bin directory is the location you will use to

store your Perl or compiled script files. Any file you place in it

will be read as a program (instead of a html page or image) and be run

by the server.

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