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Uses Of Hydrogen And Oxygen


Hydrogen is the lightest chemical with an atomic number of 1 and

atomic weight of 1.00794. Its chemical symbol is "H".


(1) Hydrogen is used in oxy-hydrogen flame to produce high temperature

for welding metals.

(2) Hydrogen is used in filling balloon and air ship.

(3) Hydroden can also be used as a fuel.

(4) Hydrogen can also be used in the manufacture of ammonia by Haber's process.

(5) Hydrogen can be used for hardening fats and oils for the

production of margarine.


It is a chemical element with an atomic number 8 and a relative atomic

mass of 15.9994. Oxygen is the most abundant element on earth; its

symbol is "O".


(1) Oxygen is used as oxyacetylene flame in welding.

(2) Oxygen is used in making steel for the removal of carbon, sulphur

and phosphorous impurities from iron.

(3) Oxygen is used when in liquid form with fuel as propellant for

space rockets.

(4) Oxygen is used in the manufacture of important chemicals like H2SO4acid.

(5) Oxygen is used in respiration for animals and human beings survival.

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