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Yahoo Inc With The War To Change Its Management Team

Yahoo Inc. is a search engine and web communication and entertainment

company founded on March 1995 and the current CEO is Marissa A. Mayer.

Recently, critics believe that the company needs a change in its

management team; they believe that the company has not been performing

to expectation because of its vast potentials which has not been

properly managed.

Critics felt that after a whole series of mergers and acquisitions,

Yahoo Inc, is supposed to be topping all internet companies in terms

of service delivery. The company has spent a very whole lots of money

in the past few years to make merger with other great companies like

Tumblr, Skyphrase, Bookpad, Pollyvore, Pictogram, etc. but with very

tiny achievements to show for the merger effect.

Tension heightened when Yahoo Inc, shares rose 0.6% on Wednesday in a

declining market, shrugging off the latest

salvo against the company from activist investor Starboard Value LP.

An internet source said and I quote, "Most of Yahoo's current value

stems from its investment in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and the good

fortune that Alibaba's management team has executed well such that

this investment today is worth over $30 billion,"

Yahoo's current market cap is about $30.5 billion, but in the past 12

months, Yahoo shares have fallen 34% in the market; which is exactly

one of the reasons why critics keep insisting on the change of Yahoo

Inc. management team.

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