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How To Detect Misleading Download Attempt

It is not every download is healthy, that why the following rules of

cautious download are very necessary to every online surfers or

internet users:

(1)Avoid a download if is deceptive, promising a value proposition

that it does not meet.

(2) Avoid a download trying to trick users into installing it or turns

out to installation of another program.

Avoid a download if it doesn't tell the user about all of its

principal and significant functions.

(3) Avoid a download that affects the user's system in unexpected ways.

(4) Avoid a download which might prove difficult to remove.

(5) Avoid a download that might collect or transmit private

information without the user's knowledge.

(6) Avoid a download that is bundled with other software and its

presence is not disclosed.

(7) Avoid a download that lacks transparent Installation and Upfront Disclosure

(8) Avoid a download if the software installation process is not

straightforward, easy-to-understand, and based on clear choices made

by the user.

(9) Avoid a download whose programs lack a valid and verified code

signature issued by a code-signing authority

that presents verifiable publisher information.

(10) Avoid a download if the download process doesn't begin when the

user has consented to the download by clicking on a clearly-labelled



(11) Avoid a download if at the time of installation, all principal

and significant functions of the software are not described in clear

and straightforward language that is clearly visible and easy to read

on the screen.

(12)Avoid a download if the user has no meaningful opportunity

to review and approve all principal and

significant proposed installation options and system changes.

(13) Avoid a download if the name and principal and significant

functions of every piece of software

that will be installed is not visible to the

user, and the user cannot skip the

entire bundled software or offer as well as

individual components of the bundle.

(14) Avoid a download if the about-to-download-software is making

false or misleading claims

about the condition of the user's device or computer system. For

example, misleading claims related to

antivirus protection, system performance, system optimization, a

new version of a plugin, etc.

(15) Avoid a download charging fees for software that is available for

free everywhere else without disclosing this to the user and

explaining what extra service justifies the fee.

(16) Avoid a download providing unproven or misleading endorsements.

(17) Avoid a download if the software and download page doesn't

contain a link to an End User License Agreement

(EULA) or Terms of Service (TOS).

Amazon CPM Ads And Its Eligibility

This post is to talk about the newly introduced Amazon CPM Ads system.

Should in case you belong to the group asking what Amazon is all

about; Amazon or, Inc., often, is an American e-commerce

and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

One among the products of is affiliate program called

Amazon Associates, which leads us to answering the question about

Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates is a free advertising program designed to help

website owners earn money via Affiliate tools and display

advertising. Amazon affiliate program doesn't require approval process

which makes it a reasonable choice for young or newborn websites.

Amazon is now offering CPM ads system to affiliates leaving many

interested web ads publishers with the question of to be part of such

sweet ads system of Amazon. Under the Amazon CPM FAQ, we found the

following question and answer:

"Who is eligible to participate in Amazon CPM Ads?

Amazon CPM Ads is available by invitation to select US Associates.

Eligible Associates must comply with the terms of the

Associates Program Operating Agreement . If you have not been invited

yet, stay tuned for more details as we expand the


Summary Of The Lonely Soul By Raphael Armattoe

It is not a strange thing to see the elderly ones talk alone but sometimes one wonders why they find it very hard to ruminate on what borders them within their hearts than mumble it for people to hear.

Similar question was in the heart of the poet, when he met an old woman walking lonely on a road talking to herself but an answer to his wondering came from an abstract man (which might be considered to be the poet in his old age with such an experience). The poet told called the boy wondering and said "Child, you cannot know/ Why folks talk alone." He told the boy that loneliness and sorrow were the reason why men talk alone and similar reasons made "an old woman/ On lone country roads/ Laughing all the time/ May babble to herself/ To keep the tears away." from line 16-19.

Clear explanation of how loneliness and sadness affect old age was evident in the poem; as hu

Dramatic Irony

Dramatic irony is a theatrical effect in which the meaning of a situation or some incongruity in the plot, is understood by the reader but not by the character in the poem.

In other words, it's the irony occurring when the reader or audience have the grasp of the situation or mystery better than the character(s).

The Birds Flying To See God

It is bad for a man's life to remain the same
Like a reggae beat.

If after six months, a man cannot achieve or grow
Recognized positive feat

A man should grow strength or grow muscular physic,
It takes gym to achieve it.

Half bread is better than none, toothache is better than decayed;
It is better to keep fit

So bad it is for a man's life to remain the same
Like a reggae beat

Woe betide the man, who's achievement always
Is to oppress another man

Achievement in this universe is a caricature_
A mere recognized repetition.

Whatever a man gather strength and sweat to acquire
Another soul had done better than...

Please, tell the eagles flying up to heaven
Wanting to be first to see God

In their ridiculous attempts to oppress samueldpoetry
To make him worth nothing

Tell them, Death will parachute their weary bodies
When falling from heaven.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Recent MTN SIM Registration Policy

Recent MTN SIM registration policy
Is like a harlot covering her nudity
From public eyes to see

Quacks will register your MTN SIM
Few Weeks calling you back
To re-register your MTN SIM
As if your job is of lesss impact
To that of Y'ello quacks

"Register your SIM and get 2000 recharge"
What a SMS of shame!
What an absurdity from a confused outdated
Communication network of clowns
Flooding my Android with absurd messages.

MTN! What is this headache all about?
Acquiring our life information as if
MTN SIM card is our Birth Certificate;
When SIM card was a fortune_ #40000 per one,
SIM card registration didn't case Nigerians
Out of nation; why this time,
Acting like a telecommunication tyrant?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka Samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Overview Of Eternity By William Blake

Eternity by William Blake expressed the opinion relating to freedom attached to pleasure. The poet was of the view that humans should not rip themselves off the endless possibilities of joy by sticking to a fixed style or way of life. He believed that such rigidity put humans life to premature end:
"He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;" (from line 1-2)
The rest two lines of the poem concluded that a soul with diversified form of joy and pleasure will live very long on earth somewhat eternity:
"But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity's sun rise." (from line 3-4)

The poem is as brief as proverb; with just 4 lines that seemed to rhyme. The language is simple and the poem is philosophical.

<b><a href="">READ MORE POETIC ANALYSIS</a></b>

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


Dysphemism is the use of a derogatory, offensive or vulga to replace a (more) neutral original. Meaning that both written and spoken, it is a way of replacing conflicting expression with another conflicting expression in order to reveal a very deep emotional dissatisfaction.
♦ bullshit for lies or nonsense (compare euphemism: fib)
♦ worm food or kick the bucket for death (compare euphemisms: passed away, no longer with us)
♦ quack for doctor
♦ shrink for psychiatrist
♦ crapper or (British) bog for toilet (compare euphemism: bathroom)
♦ dead tree edition for the paper version of a publication that can be found online
♦ snail mail for traditional postal mail}}

Your Life Is Solely For Your Own Living

You need no trust to hold on to love
And remain all totally happy,

All you do need is understanding
Understanding that all human beings
Are bunch of selfish human beings

Beings that can do you bad or do you good
At any selfish opportunity given;
Your life is solely for your own living.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Should Athletes Cease Running Because Usain Bolt Is The Fastest

Should athletes cease running
because Usain Bolt is the fastest?

Should footballers cease playing
because Cristiano Ronaldo is the best?

Should Samueldpoetry cease poetry
because I'm yet your favorite poet?

Poetry's not by verses nor terms
nor how many souls I've captivated

Poetry is mainly to leave messages
someone will care, someone will not

When two reading heads read my poetry
one says this poetry sucks
the other says its Samueldpoetry
not a perfect being
that's why we love reading his poetry.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka Samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Our Better Judgements

At tender ages of our
We reasoned vaguely
We recollected events
And happenings faintly
We are grown ups now
Known evil from holy
We can judge our ways now

Why do we have eyes
If not to see?
Why do we have tongue
If not to lick?
Why do we have fingers
If not to finger?
Why do we grow breasts
If not to press?
Why do we grow dick
If not to dig?
Why do they call us mature
If not to harbour an opposite
Who loves to share our cosy abode
Feel wet in our bubble bathtub
From hair to thighs get rubbed off
Their stress and worries for love;
Some holier-than-thou neighbors of us
Still lament, what we do is wrong.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

What Rap Is Like

Rap is poetry extension_
So rich in rhythms
Scintillating rhymes
As simple as ABC
As lucrative as diamonds
Wearing shiny necklaces
It favors not all
Many rap for their moms
And dads and siblings alone
Only few rappers rap
For the universe delight

So you want to be a rapper?
Can you stand the competition?
Can you rap about wars and guns?
Can you rap through flame and fire?
For rap is like a religion;
There is always an opposition.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Analysis Of I Find No Peace And All My War Is Done By Thomas Wyatt (WASSCE Unseen Poetry)

Most of Thomas Wyatt's poems have been about love and "I Find No Peace And All My War Is Done" is no exception. The poem is about the frustration the poet or poem speaker faced in a certain love relationship. The poet opened the poem with the conclusion in his mind saying that since he couldn't find no peace, he would give up his fighting.

Line 2-7 further explains the poet's or the poem speaker's state of dilemma which precedes the poet's conclusion:
"I fear and hope, I burn and freeze like ice;
I fly above the wind, yet can I not rise,
And naught I have and all the world I seize on;
That looseth nor locket holdeth me in prison,
And holdeth, me not yet can I scape nowise;
Nor letteth me liv


Lampoon is a written attack that ridicules a person, group, or institution. It is a light, good-humored satire. Some people do wonder whether lampoon is as the same as travesty but the similarity between them is that they are humorous.

All These Human Sardines

All these human sardines
Are so envious
Wondering why titus fishes
Are preferred by many human beings

Forgetting titus fishes
Are always smooth and good looking
Not boney, not scaly
Always delicious on rice and indomie is like the titus fishes;
Many human beings are loving it.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka Samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

How Fictitious Is The Proud King By William Morris

How fictitious is The Proud King by William Morris? This is a question

that requires the juxtaposition of imagination with reality from the

poem's dramatic effects.

As narrative as the poem appears with varying characters that

furnished the poem with the lessons of morals and of God's supremacy,

many events in the poem looked fictitious in the sense that they were

so hard to believe.

In the poem, Jovinian, the famous proud king lost his identity and was

taken to be a mad man; he suffered all manners of humiliations and all

his efforts to prove to the people that an imposter has stolen his

true identity were to no avail.

The proud king lost his identity in a ridiculous manner; from line 75-85:-

"Wherefore he did off all his rich array,

And tied his horse unto a neighbouring tree,

And in the water sported leisurely.

But when he was fulfilled of this delight

He gat him to the bank well satisfied,

And thought to do on him his raiment bright

And homeward to his royal house to ride;

But 'mazed and angry, looking far and wide

Nought saw he of his horse and rich attire,

And 'gainst the thief 'gan threaten vengeance dire.

But little help his fury was to him..."

From line 309-315, the proud king was seen humiliated and treated as a beggar:-

"Thy luck it is thou tellest it to me,

Who deem thee mad and let thee go thy way:

The King is not a man to pity thee,

Or on thy folly thy fool's tale to lay:

Poor fool! take this, and with the light of day

Buy food and raiment of some labouring clown,

And by my counsel keep thee from the town...."

The events that led to the recovery of Jovinian's true identity and

gave him the second chance to be able to sit on his thrown again, were

also fictitious, placing the poem in the hands of an absolute dramatic

creation. The readers were also made to know that no one in the palace

knew the punishment for pride which was undergone by the proud kind,

even the king decided to keep it a secret from his kinsmen.

From line 708-725, the angel that stole Jovinian identity gave it back:-

"But when the King stepped forth with angry eye

And would have spoken, came a sudden light,

And changed was that other utterly;

For he was clad in robe of shining white,

Inwrought with flowers of unnamed colours bright,

Girt with a marvellous girdle, and whose hem

Fell to his naked feet and shone in them;

And from his shoulders did two wings arise,

That with the swaying of his body, played

This way and that; of strange and lovely dyes

Their feathers were, and wonderfully made:

And now he spoke, "O King, be not dismayed,

Or think my coming here so strange to be,

For oft ere this have I been close to thee.

"And now thou knowest in how short a space

The God that made the world can unmake thee,

And though He alter in no whit thy face,

Can make all folk forget thee utterly..."


A fictitious narration intended to enforce some useful truth or precept, usually with animals, birds etc as characters; an apologue. It is keen to point out a moral truth in a civilized, inoffensive manner. Example: The Desert Encroaches by Tess Onwueme

A Shared Web Hosting (the good, the bad, the ugly)

A shared web hosting is a situation where multiple websites are

willingly managed on a single web server. The space and particles of

the web server is divided among the many different websites sharing it

( i.e. Bandwidth, Disk space, Email managements, etc are shared).

There is always a limitation in shared web hosting, that is why a

shared web hosting is like a bedroom with five sleeping bunks; there

won't be a space for a master-size bed.

Here are few of the benefits of a shared web hosting:

(1) It is good for a beginner experimenting to have a feel of the

online business adventure.

(2) It is considered the most affordable form of web hosting in

comparison with other web hosting plans.

(3) Every burden and trouble of the web server is shared by more than

one web host, since it is called a shared web hosting.

(4) It is good for websites or web designers with limited resouces requirements.

(5) It has a hands-off management and administrative system with a

cpanel allowing easy website setup.

Few of the bad things about a shared web hosting are listed below:

(1) It is not good for a huge online business.

(2) It is not appropriate for a professional webmaster.

(3) It limits the ability to perform custom configurations and data


(4) It takes only a limited web softwares, applications and services

to occupy a shared web hosting.

(5) The sweetness found in virtual private servers can never be enjoy

with a shared web hosting.

If You Have A Shoe With An Open Sole

If you have a shoe with an open sole
You will pick a bottle of adhesive to fix it
Adhesive will adhere to your fixing hands
Hands and fingers begin acting magnetic
You will pick a kind of gasoline brand
To wash free your sticky fixing hands
Gasoline will percolate your wet pores
Staining whatever you pick afterwards
You will pick a bottle of lavender shampoo
To shampoo off that your porous hands
As shampoo left your hands
Smelling like a lavender-like perfume
Perfume later fades with air and time.

As time leaves humans with troubles and torments
Humans always find their solutions around
But every solution comes with price to pay.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Revival Advice Of Thich Nhat Hanh

Live your daily life
As never to lose yourself

The logs of worries
Of your cravings and your fears,
And wants and desires,
Will make you run away from yourself
And so you lose yourself;

Heed the words of Thich Nhat Hanh
With practice to go back to yourself.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying high)

What Is My Situation That I Won't Praise The Most High

What is my situation
That I won't praise the Most High?
That's why I'm praising the ancestrals
This beautiful morning;
Praise, they call the food of the spirits.

Lord, keep up your good works
Lord, keep up your miracles
Lord, keep up your blessing flow
For your blessings to surpass
My praises in million folds.

To Find The Wordpress Installed Plugins In Host Cpanel

How to locate the position of plugins in the cpanel database can be a

thing of stress and time consuming for a first timer. Should in case

you do not know what a plugin is; a plugin is an application or

program created by a third party or an external source which can be

installed into a website or a web browser. Some also refer to plugin

as widget.

If situation prompts that you must locate or find your plugins through

your host cpanel, then this post is ready at your service.

Plugin is the term used in WordPress CMS unlike Google blogger that

uses the term widget.

To find the plugins in the host panel (taking hostgator or namecheap

as our case study). The first thing to do is login to your host cpanel

by typing some this ( then type your

username and password.

The second step to take is look for where you can find "File Manager"

and click it. It will open and you will be able to see some lists.

The third step to take is look for where you can find "public_html".

It is among the lists (below "public_ftp" and above "SSL"). Click on

"public_html" and the list will be extended.

The fourth step to take is look for where you can find "wp-content".

It is among the lists (below "wp-admin" and above "wp-includes").

Click on "wp-content" and the list will still be extended.

The gift step to take is look for where you can find "plugins". It is

among the further extended list. If you have found it but you want to

check a particular plugin, all you have to do is click on "plugins"

and the big box beside the list you have been clicking will make list

of all your installed plugins in the big box; there you can look for

the specific plugin you want.

I strongly believed that this post will be a very easy guide to a first timer.

How To Describe Oppressing and Suffering In The Dining Table By Gbanabom Hallowell

It is no longer strange that the poem "The Dining Table" by Gbanabom
Hallowell, is a poem about war:
"The table
that gather us in an island where guerrillas
walk the land while crocodiles
surf..." (from line 9-12)
The above quoted lines are a prove of unrest faced by the victims
described by the poem speaker.

The question requires that the act of violence, suffering and
oppression quoted from the poem.

(1) Violence:- Violence always leads to pain and the pain felt by the
victims was described in the first stanza of the poem:
"Dinner tonight comes with
gun wounds. Our desert
tongues lick the vegetable
blood_ the pepper
strong enough to push scorpions
up our heads. Guests
look into the oceans of bowls
as vegetables die on their tongues"

(2) Suffering: This is scattered round the poem like a forest fire
gone haywire. Line 12-14 exemplies the act of suffering as barefooted
kindergartens were involved; as they have been silenced by sorrow,
they had nothing to play with. In line 24-26, the poem speaker
confessed: "I'm/ full with the catch of gun wounds, and my boots/ have
suddenly become too reluctant to walk me."

(3) Oppression: In the poem "The Dining Table", Gbanabom Hallowell
spoke more on pain and the oppression felt by the victims of the war
than the act of shooting, wearing camouflage, hiding in ditches,
litters of carcases on the battle ground. According to line 20, stanza
3 the poem speaker says: "I promise/ to be a revolutionary, but my
Nile, even/ without tributaries comes lazy/ upon its own Nile."

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Summary And Subject Matter Of The Panic Of Growing Older By Lenrie Peters

The poem is a record of what may happen to a human being as soon as he

or she observes the world. Such an individual engages the world at his

or her youthfulness. As the years tick away like a clock, there is a

growing awareness that one "from year to year" is growing older. Thus,

"panic spreads" its "fluttering wings" round its victim.

At the age of twenty, one swims in hope and expectation of a

successful future. At thirty, one is quite healthy such that if one

were to be visited by pain nothing would show in the laboratory tests.

About this age, perhaps, one has been involved in marriage during

which "legs cribbed in domesticity", and there is no more room for

junketing or dancing around. It may be because of the enormous

responsibility of raising a family. This is followed by a period of

evaluation which may be akin to a "copybook" filled with "red ink and

failures"; one even realizing that there is "nothing to show the


The individual may have begotten "three children" which is not a big

deal since there is "no specialist's effort" required to procreate.

Science gives the hope of longevity, of doubling human lifespan but

hope is not something tangible, an object one can hold on to. The

satisfaction may not be there since expectation may not yet have been

achieved. At the point "the world has you," one may be weak or

defeated as in a wrestling contest.

Article Source:- (A literature-in-English textbook for WAEC or WASSCE)

Learn The Demerits Of Interstitial And Lightbox Advert Formats

Interstitial is an internet page made of javascript to come between

two web pages (mostly used for an advertising purpose. Most

interstitial advertisements are delivered by an ad server.

Interstitial ads shows itself issue before the page surfers go in to

see the content they are trying to access. An interstitial advert can

be described as a vendor standing by the door of a boutique.

Lightbox is mainly made of javascript. It is an online media

viewing programme which among other things is used for display ads on

a web page. Whenever a Lightbox appears, its background is always in

transparent grey which gives the web user to see the webpage it was

standing on. Lightbox, Thickbox, Slimbox, Shadowbox, etc are similar

but vary in sizes.

Interstitial advertisement format and Lightbox (or other box-family)

advertisement format are loved by many online advertising networks

because they belong to the family of pop-up; which is always easily

noticable by web viewers. They drive sales better, are more active,

they always allow the viewers to make a chioce of either choosing them

or ignoring them. On the flaw side, both interstetial ads and lightbox

ads can be annoying to the web viewers due to their sudden intrusions.

Lightbox advertisement format is better on a desktop than interstitial

advertisement format in the sense that an interstitial ads (whether

entry, in-page or exit interstitial) can confuse the web visitor to

believe that was the page they were searching for but a lightbox ads

will always leave its background transparent to show the web visitor

that it was the actual page searched for. A tiny demerit of a lightbox

ads is that it sometimes cover-up the whole screen of a small mobile

device thereby totally obstructing the viewer.

The Rich And The Poor

Let me tell it now quick
Of the rich and the unrich_ so to speak
The rich resides in style, the poor in antics.
The rich dishes in glass plates, the poor in plastics
They wash their plates with soda, the rich wash with Harpics.
The rich seeks doctors not to be sick, as sickness makes the poor energetic
Fertile, senile known traits of herbarium fanatics.
The rich symbolizes sterifics; the sterile and frantics
Incubating babies, inseminating cells kept in lab plastics.
The rich calls; the prized poor around obeys quick;
Life is a balance scale placed on a brick:
What the rich lacks, the poor have it and the lacks
Of the poor are always in the rich men's ricks.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

FTP Trojan And FTP Daemon: Guess Which Is Harmful

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) can simply be described as the guidelines required for transferring files between a web server and a client. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is very easy to use and aids the movement of files from one channel to another not excluding downloads. I must also confess that I did enjoy File Transfer Protocol - SlideShare which gives a very comprehensive detail about FTP.

Looking at the two words in question, "trojan" and "daemon". A trojan is a harmful servant but looks reliable in disguise (remember the Trojan horse in the movie Odyssey) even these days, the word "trojan" has been adopted in many forms such as trojan games, trojan affection products for the mature, etc. A daemon is a diabolic entity so void of mercy or helping hands and according to the word "daemon" originated from the Greek word meaning "a spirit" or "an evil spirit".

[Recommended: Why WP e-commerce Is The Best Choice WordPress Shop]

FTP Trojan can be defined as a harmful virus which normally disguises as a faithful or friendly data while taking advantage of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to create harm or danger to a computer. The Trojan opens port 21 and makes it accessible to attackers or a group of individuals

FTP Daemon is a free FTP server for wwindows and was created in 1996 by Jarle Aase. Apart from the fact that it is free, it also performs security related issues.

Irrespective of what both names imply, it is now clear that one is helpful while the other is harmful. Like in the case of Tom and Jerry, while FTP Daemon is building, FTP Trojan is destroying.

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