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A Shared Web Hosting (the good, the bad, the ugly)

A shared web hosting is a situation where multiple websites are

willingly managed on a single web server. The space and particles of

the web server is divided among the many different websites sharing it

( i.e. Bandwidth, Disk space, Email managements, etc are shared).

There is always a limitation in shared web hosting, that is why a

shared web hosting is like a bedroom with five sleeping bunks; there

won't be a space for a master-size bed.

Here are few of the benefits of a shared web hosting:

(1) It is good for a beginner experimenting to have a feel of the

online business adventure.

(2) It is considered the most affordable form of web hosting in

comparison with other web hosting plans.

(3) Every burden and trouble of the web server is shared by more than

one web host, since it is called a shared web hosting.

(4) It is good for websites or web designers with limited resouces requirements.

(5) It has a hands-off management and administrative system with a

cpanel allowing easy website setup.

Few of the bad things about a shared web hosting are listed below:

(1) It is not good for a huge online business.

(2) It is not appropriate for a professional webmaster.

(3) It limits the ability to perform custom configurations and data


(4) It takes only a limited web softwares, applications and services

to occupy a shared web hosting.

(5) The sweetness found in virtual private servers can never be enjoy

with a shared web hosting.

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