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Amazon CPM Ads And Its Eligibility

This post is to talk about the newly introduced Amazon CPM Ads system.

Should in case you belong to the group asking what Amazon is all

about; Amazon or, Inc., often, is an American e-commerce

and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

One among the products of is affiliate program called

Amazon Associates, which leads us to answering the question about

Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates is a free advertising program designed to help

website owners earn money via Affiliate tools and display

advertising. Amazon affiliate program doesn't require approval process

which makes it a reasonable choice for young or newborn websites.

Amazon is now offering CPM ads system to affiliates leaving many

interested web ads publishers with the question of to be part of such

sweet ads system of Amazon. Under the Amazon CPM FAQ, we found the

following question and answer:

"Who is eligible to participate in Amazon CPM Ads?

Amazon CPM Ads is available by invitation to select US Associates.

Eligible Associates must comply with the terms of the

Associates Program Operating Agreement . If you have not been invited

yet, stay tuned for more details as we expand the



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