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FTP Trojan And FTP Daemon: Guess Which Is Harmful

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) can simply be described as the guidelines required for transferring files between a web server and a client. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is very easy to use and aids the movement of files from one channel to another not excluding downloads. I must also confess that I did enjoy File Transfer Protocol - SlideShare which gives a very comprehensive detail about FTP.

Looking at the two words in question, "trojan" and "daemon". A trojan is a harmful servant but looks reliable in disguise (remember the Trojan horse in the movie Odyssey) even these days, the word "trojan" has been adopted in many forms such as trojan games, trojan affection products for the mature, etc. A daemon is a diabolic entity so void of mercy or helping hands and according to the word "daemon" originated from the Greek word meaning "a spirit" or "an evil spirit".

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FTP Trojan can be defined as a harmful virus which normally disguises as a faithful or friendly data while taking advantage of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to create harm or danger to a computer. The Trojan opens port 21 and makes it accessible to attackers or a group of individuals

FTP Daemon is a free FTP server for wwindows and was created in 1996 by Jarle Aase. Apart from the fact that it is free, it also performs security related issues.

Irrespective of what both names imply, it is now clear that one is helpful while the other is harmful. Like in the case of Tom and Jerry, while FTP Daemon is building, FTP Trojan is destroying.

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