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How To Detect Misleading Download Attempt

It is not every download is healthy, that why the following rules of

cautious download are very necessary to every online surfers or

internet users:

(1)Avoid a download if is deceptive, promising a value proposition

that it does not meet.

(2) Avoid a download trying to trick users into installing it or turns

out to installation of another program.

Avoid a download if it doesn't tell the user about all of its

principal and significant functions.

(3) Avoid a download that affects the user's system in unexpected ways.

(4) Avoid a download which might prove difficult to remove.

(5) Avoid a download that might collect or transmit private

information without the user's knowledge.

(6) Avoid a download that is bundled with other software and its

presence is not disclosed.

(7) Avoid a download that lacks transparent Installation and Upfront Disclosure

(8) Avoid a download if the software installation process is not

straightforward, easy-to-understand, and based on clear choices made

by the user.

(9) Avoid a download whose programs lack a valid and verified code

signature issued by a code-signing authority

that presents verifiable publisher information.

(10) Avoid a download if the download process doesn't begin when the

user has consented to the download by clicking on a clearly-labelled



(11) Avoid a download if at the time of installation, all principal

and significant functions of the software are not described in clear

and straightforward language that is clearly visible and easy to read

on the screen.

(12)Avoid a download if the user has no meaningful opportunity

to review and approve all principal and

significant proposed installation options and system changes.

(13) Avoid a download if the name and principal and significant

functions of every piece of software

that will be installed is not visible to the

user, and the user cannot skip the

entire bundled software or offer as well as

individual components of the bundle.

(14) Avoid a download if the about-to-download-software is making

false or misleading claims

about the condition of the user's device or computer system. For

example, misleading claims related to

antivirus protection, system performance, system optimization, a

new version of a plugin, etc.

(15) Avoid a download charging fees for software that is available for

free everywhere else without disclosing this to the user and

explaining what extra service justifies the fee.

(16) Avoid a download providing unproven or misleading endorsements.

(17) Avoid a download if the software and download page doesn't

contain a link to an End User License Agreement

(EULA) or Terms of Service (TOS).

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