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Learn The Demerits Of Interstitial And Lightbox Advert Formats

Interstitial is an internet page made of javascript to come between

two web pages (mostly used for an advertising purpose. Most

interstitial advertisements are delivered by an ad server.

Interstitial ads shows itself issue before the page surfers go in to

see the content they are trying to access. An interstitial advert can

be described as a vendor standing by the door of a boutique.

Lightbox is mainly made of javascript. It is an online media

viewing programme which among other things is used for display ads on

a web page. Whenever a Lightbox appears, its background is always in

transparent grey which gives the web user to see the webpage it was

standing on. Lightbox, Thickbox, Slimbox, Shadowbox, etc are similar

but vary in sizes.

Interstitial advertisement format and Lightbox (or other box-family)

advertisement format are loved by many online advertising networks

because they belong to the family of pop-up; which is always easily

noticable by web viewers. They drive sales better, are more active,

they always allow the viewers to make a chioce of either choosing them

or ignoring them. On the flaw side, both interstetial ads and lightbox

ads can be annoying to the web viewers due to their sudden intrusions.

Lightbox advertisement format is better on a desktop than interstitial

advertisement format in the sense that an interstitial ads (whether

entry, in-page or exit interstitial) can confuse the web visitor to

believe that was the page they were searching for but a lightbox ads

will always leave its background transparent to show the web visitor

that it was the actual page searched for. A tiny demerit of a lightbox

ads is that it sometimes cover-up the whole screen of a small mobile

device thereby totally obstructing the viewer.

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