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Our Better Judgements

At tender ages of our
We reasoned vaguely
We recollected events
And happenings faintly
We are grown ups now
Known evil from holy
We can judge our ways now

Why do we have eyes
If not to see?
Why do we have tongue
If not to lick?
Why do we have fingers
If not to finger?
Why do we grow breasts
If not to press?
Why do we grow dick
If not to dig?
Why do they call us mature
If not to harbour an opposite
Who loves to share our cosy abode
Feel wet in our bubble bathtub
From hair to thighs get rubbed off
Their stress and worries for love;
Some holier-than-thou neighbors of us
Still lament, what we do is wrong.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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