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Slow And Steady by Olugboyega Alaba

Slow and steady
They say wins the race
They say does make waste!
To haste into life's pleasure

Does not guarantee celeb
To live humble
Does not haste death.
Whichever path a being has chosen
God own the supreme say

Let us work with humility
For our work reward to become ours.
What good is the labour
When death has come before reward?
An alien enjoys such reward.

What good is an engagement
When death has come before the wedding?
An alien enjoys such a bride.
A child is born
The dad is gone

A scavenger child might become.
Slow and steady here on earth
Can only conquer haste and waste.

Copyright © Olugboyega Alaba (translator:- Samuel C. Enunwa)

Modern Nursery Song By Frank Parkes

Little bird, little bird
Can I come along with you?
I like the smoothness of your flight
I'd love to come with you
And in your warm and cosy nest
Play with your little ones.

Little child, little child
My poor wings are not that strong
I'd love to fly you to my nest
And give you nuts and sweet, sweet things
But I'll take along your love so warm
To my wee feathery ones

O huge bird, shining bird
Can I come along with you?
I like the brightness of your wing
I'd love to fly with you
And on the sunny sands to play
With sun-beams on the surf

Get you gone, silly one
I can't waste my time on you
My eyes watch out for bigger fry
With power in their purse
There's a big, black owl will bear you free
To where wee demons play

Little owl, mushroom owl
Can I come along with you?

Copyright © Frank Parkes

Frank Kobina Parkes was born in Ghana in 1932 but died on 23 May 2004 as a Ghanaian journalist, broadcaster and poet. His grandfather was a West Indian, his father a Sierra Leonean and his mother a Fanti. He was educated in Sierra Leone and Ghana. He was the author of one book, Songs from the Wilderness (University of London Press, 1965), but is widely anthologised and is perhaps best known for his poem "African Heaven".

London By A. S. J. Tessimond

I am the city of two divided cities
Where the eyes of rich and poor collide and wonder;
Where the beggar's voice is low and unexpectant,
And in clubs the feet of the servants are soft on the carpet
And the world's wind scarcely stirs the leaves of The Times.

I am the reticent, the private city,
The city of lovers hiding wrapped in shadows,
The city of people sitting and talking quietly
Beyond shut doors and walls as thick as a century,
People who laugh too little and too loudly,
Whose tears fall inward, flowing back to the heart.

I am the city whose fog will fall like a finger gently
Erasing the anger and angles, the strident indecorous gesture,
Whose dusk will come like tact, like a change in the conversation,
Violet and indigo, with strings of lemon streetlamps
Casting their pools into the pools of rain
As the notes of the piano are cast from the top-floor window
Into the square that is always Sunday afternoon.

Copyright © A. S. J. Tessimond

NOTE:- The poem is a descriptive one, describing London. The fractions, the people's behavior, the common things found around are all talked about with the use of good imageries and similes.

Arthur Seymour John Tessimond aka A.S.J. Tessimond was an English poet born in Birkenhead, 19 July 1902 but died in Chelsea, London 13 May 1962.


Very many webpages are like shopping malls.
Viewing what you want, but can't touch it;
You have to login,
You have to sign-up at the door
To login_
Download denied, Comment
Denied to post your opinion, you just have
To login.
Baby, here at your webpage
Beneath, can you feel the login?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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Analysis Of The Woodman And His Dog By William Cowper

The Woodman And His Dog by William Cowper is a 17 lines poem about a lonely England Woodman whose most noticed companion was his dog. The Woodman, according to Cowper was going to his routine job of cutting and splitting forest woods, on a snowy day with his dog; he did not care for any cheerful visit of family, friends or neighbors: "Forth goes the woodman, leaving unconcerned/ The cheerful haunts of man, to wield the axe/ And drive the wedge in yonder forest drear" (line 1-3)

The woodman's dog was described as shaggy and lean and shrewd. The woodman liked his dog so much that the barking of his dog did annoy him; he even cleaned his dog's nose and more.

The Poet:-
The English poet, William Cowper, was 26-11-1731 but died 25-04-1800. His love for Christian hymns in his later years made him a hymnodist (after b

Analysis Of Night In Senegal By Leopold S. Senghor

"Night in Senegal" by Leopold S. Senghor is a masterpiece often described as one of the greatest poems ever to have been written by an African. The superb imagery alone shows the poet's genius. Its publication in 1945 was a foundation stone in the history of negritude. The poem is as romantic as another of his poem titled "I Will Pronounce Your Name" by Leopold S. Senghor. Night In Senegal is simply about a lover seeking a romantic from his female love during a very silent night period in Senegal. The poem speaker used beautiful poetic devices to portray a nightly romantic scenes.
There are more use of imageries in the poem than other poetic devices; "soothing hands" in line 1, "rhythmic silence" in line 5. Enjambment is also used by the poet; "tellers of tales/ Droop" "voices of our/ Forbears". Alliteration in line 2 "scarcely sway" in line 11 "singers cease their song". Personification in line 9 "The tired moon dips to her bed in the ocean" in line 14 "Roof-tops gleam through the dark". Rhetorical question in line 14 "What are they whispering to the stars?"

For ease of understanding, "lullaby" in line 4 mea

How Can Your Love Be This Strong

My Darling
True love is nowhere to be found
Except in you my Darling.

How can your love be this strong
When I've never even given you a dime?

Is it in my smiles?
Is it in my charms?
Is it in my standing?
Or sometimes in my verses so seducing?

If for long, this persist in prime,
My love for you shall be kept in
Museum of time
Where true love never dies

So devoted your love to me like a doctrine;
Your love keeps forming an ameboid unfathomability
That gladdens my heart like tangerine

O Darling!
Where did you hatch these your feelings?
How did you brood these your emotions
Into an healthy pullet;
Coccidiosis diseases of enemies eyes
Can never pull this our love apart?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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Always Use Browsers With Pop-Block To Boycott Bidvertiser

Check most the Cost-Per-Click advert network listings you can find

online, hardly will Bidvertiser be missing between 1-5 on any website

list. And much have been said about Bidvertiser in forums and ads

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What is Bidvertiser? It is an online advertising and publishing

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This post aims to encourage every internet surfers to always use

pop-block enabled browser whenever surfing the web since many

webmasters have Bidvertiser CPC ads code embedded in their websites

(mostly because Bidvertiser is among the networks that pay close to $1

per click) but unknown to many webmasters, their Bidvertiser codes

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The only visitors that are void of suffering Bidvertiser pops, are

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of another disciple.

Discuss The Love Relationship Between Sam And Isobel

Sam is the character in The Last Good Man who lives alone after the

death of his mother. He excused/isolated himself from the people only

communicates with animals and objects around. He lived that way till

he found a little girl by the beach who eventually happened to be


On the other hand, Isobel is a thirty five years old lady who returns

to the village after the news of her mother's death. She had earlier

eloped with a boy during her teen age. She is very kind and

compassionate. She loves her father than her mother because she puts

the blame of her father's departure on her mother.

The love relationship between Sam and Isobel was initiated by Isobel.

After Isobel had met Sam at the scene of drowning, she later noticed

Sam and the girl, became curious and seek to know him better. She

trailed Sam and the girl and then paid them a visit. It was also

stated in the story that Isobel sometimes have sex with men as a way

of showing kindness to them and her heart of compassion and kindness

made her felt for Sam's loneliness and had sex with him; even when Sam

believed that he could not be loved by anyone.

As Isobel loved Sam, Sam loved Isobel and the girl so much in return

that he didn't want anything to come between them. Sam was of the

opinion that Isobel is a very beautiful, pleasant and nice lady. Their

love relationship brought a turning point to the story though the

relationship didn't last long.

Write Short Notes On The Following Characters In Native Son: Mrs Dalton Gus Buddy Rev. Hammond

Native Son is a prose written by Richard Wright, an American born 1908

in Mississippi. The story aimed at comparing the relationship between

the Native Americans and the African Americans in the 18th century.

The question requires to write short notes on the following

characters: 1) Mrs. Dalton 2) Gus 3) Buddy 4)Rev. Hammond; so there's

no big deal on how, what or way to go about it.

1) Mrs. Dalton:- This is the wife of Mr. Dalton, the rich White

American family, Bigger was asked to work for as a chauffeur. Mrs.

Dalton is Mary's mother, the girl that was suffocated by Bigger.

2) Gus:- One of the Bigger's gang member. Bigger picks on him quite

frequently because he discovers that both of them are equally scared

and constitute a threat to the success of the gang's robbery


3) Buddy:- In the story, Buddy was always in support of Bigger's

actions. He is Bigger's younger brother and a son to Mrs. Thomas. When

Bigger was in jail, he visited him in company of his family.

4) Rev. Hammond:- The man of God who also visited Bigger in jail to

preach good life and repentance to him. He was as well repelled by

Bigger when he visited him during his sentence.

Poet Laureate

Poet laureate (plural: poets laureate ) is a poet officially appointed by a government or conferring institution, who is often expected to compose poems for special events and occasions. This is among many other things, most poets will love to attain; as of the moment of creating this short post, The only conferred literature laureate in Nigeria is Prof. Wole Soyinka (Nobel Laureate)


Poetaster can also be simply called an amateur poet. A poetaster is a person who sees himself or herself as a poet but lacks the needed poetic skills. is of the opinion that most poetasters believe that they are incredibly talented and that they are the only ones who understand their emo-ness and tendencies toward self-
injury .


Poetess is a composer of poems, who in gender-wise is feminine.

Poetess: A female poet (says

Poetess is a chauvinistic word that irks me (says

Poetess is rare in contemporary usage according to which both sexes are known normally as poets. The Latin term for a female poet was poetria, derived from the Ancient Greek which still means "female poet" in Modern Greek (says

Poetess: Derogatory; a woman who is a writer of poems (says

Poetess: The word poetess denotes, at its simplest, a woman poet. However, this term has fallen out of use mainly as a result of objections
from women poets and feminist critics (says

Plot Of On His Blindness By John Milton

It's a great joy to have "On His Blindness" by John Milton in; one of the well loved European classic poem. John Milton is known to be Biblical with most of his poems like "Paradise Lost" "Lycidias" and "On His Blindness" is no exception.

The introduction to the poem is more personal than general; speaking of the current condition of the poet. John Milton became blind at the middle age of forty eight years old and his worries were expressed in the poem:
"When I consider how my light is spent,
Ere half my days, in this dark world and wide,"

The poem speaks of how Milton devotes first half of his life to scholarly works; writing. he claims that he wish part of those early years and talent were channeled towards serving his Maker:
"And that one Talent which is death
to hide
Lodged with me useless, though my
Soul more bent
To serve therewith my Maker...."

He then worries that since he has become blind and less effective in his duties towards man and God that God won't be happy with him: "My true account, lest he returning

In his worries his always wonder whether God truly cares if someone serves on earth or not then suddenly he got a reply that assures that God doesn't care whether someone works for him or uses his talent to serve because God already has countless numbers of servants all over the lands and oceans:
"Doth God exact day-labour, light
I fondly ask. But patience, to prevent
That murmur, soon replies, "God
doth not need
Either man's w

Reasons Why You Should Use Apple Pay

Apple Pay allows for paying in stores or in app with iPhone devices.

Gone are the days of

searching for your wallet. The wasted moments finding the right card.

With Apple Pay, you can use your credit cards, store credit cards, and

rewards cards with just a touch.

Apple Pay has the following benefits:

1) Apple Pay uses sophisticated technology to encrypt and protect

every transaction which makes using it very secure.

2) Using Apple Pay for transactions has been proven to be faster than

other means of transaction (e.g: the magnetic-stripe card, chip card,


3) Even if an iPhone in use gets lost, the user has nothing to lose.

4) Since it's all through the mobile device which is always carried

anyway, using Apple Pay becomes a very convenient act.

Two Look At Two By Robert Frost; The Summary

Two Look At Two by Robert Frost is a love-family-relationship poem. The poem begins with first three lines suggesting that if the couples in question, still cherished love, sacrifices and the heart to forget spouse wrong actions, they might have been able to press a little further in their matrimonial journey:
"Love and forgetting might have carried them
A little further up the mountain side
With night so near, but not much further up"(line 1-3)

“They must have halted soon in any case
With thoughts of a path back, how rough it was
With rock and washout, and unsafe in darkness;
When they were halted by a tumbled wall
With barbed-wire binding.”

The quoted lines above suggest that at a point in most love
relationship, couples take a break when faced with a very difficult situation even thinking of letting go of such relationship but few other lines in the poem explain that the journey of a love
relationship is like treading a very dark path at night; where the journey has been very rough and

Analysis Of Ours To Plough Not To Plunder By Niyi Osundare

Ours To Plough, Not To Plunder by Niyi Osundare is an agricultural poem using the rewards found in planting and harvesting as the reasons to encourage people to embrace farming. Based on natural phenomenon and the words of the poet, farming is a very useful investment. The poet or the poem speaker is of the faith that people's engagement in agriculture and farming will divert their attentions from wrong implementations of the huge material rewards the Lord God have kept in the soil for humans benefit.

The poem has the following theme: (1) the God's treasure in the soil (2) the benefits of farming to humans (3) humans' choice to use or waste

The stanzaic structure of the poem is a free verse of unequal stanzas. The poet was preoccupied with the need for people to embrace farming, so he used the third person point of view in expressing his feelings.

The poem very evident poetic devices in the poem are repetition, alliteration, ant

The Difference Between The Role Of Kate Hardcastle And Tony Lumpkin In She Stoops To Conquer

In what way is Kate Hardcastle different from Tony Lumpkin?

In the story "She Stoops To Conquer," Kate Hardcastle is the heroine

of the play because she is the one who stoops to conquer her lover,

Marlow, by helping him to overcome his shyness. She is very helpful

and understanding as she quickly comes to the Marlow's aid when he

displays his usual nervousness and timidity. She puts Marlow at ease

when she plays the role of a maid and dresses plain for this role. She

also contributes immensely to the many incidents of dramatic irony in

the play.

On the other hand, Tony Lumpkin can be said to be the hero of the play

because he's behind most of the mistakes committed in the play. Tony

Lumpkin is regarded as a drunkard and a split child. He's also central

to several dramatic irony in the play. He's the one that deliberately

misleads young Marlow and Hastings into believing that they are in an

inn instead of Mrs. Hardcastle's house.

How Sweet It Is To Be An Investor

How sweet it is to be an investor?
The suit is starched
Respect is high
Account is fat
Not lacking
Not spending all
You step in
And bank managers
Feel so glad at heart
Platinum customer is around

Beg you for offices.
Beg you for promotion.
Work for you at will.
You know
How sweet it is
To lay someone off,
Since you're the Boss.

The bus drivers
The security staff
The office staff
The errand staff
The Cinderella Secretary
Looking so hot
Seducing the customers
Coming around;
You're the
Employer of them all
You step in,
With empty briefcase
They singing
Boss Welcome!
Boss Welcome!!
How sweet it is to be an investor?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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Benefits Of iPage Affiliate Program For Nigerian Webmasters

Where there is will, there is way but the way has to worth treading

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No matter how motivating this article has been,

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Palindrome is a very interesting poetic device used to be for the patient and creative poets until recent time when technology has made the creation of palindrome very easy.
Palindrome can be defined as a meaningful word, phrase, sentence or any work of art that can be read forward and backward.

Below are few examples of English palindromes you'll find everywhere: (1) Able was I ere I saw Elba
(2) A man, a plan, a canal_ Panama!
(3) Madam, I'm Adam
(4) Madam in Eden, I'm Adam
(5) Doc, note: I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod (6) Never odd or even
(7) Rise to vote, sir
(8) Was it a car or a cat I saw
(9) Dammit, I'm mad
(10) Eva, can I stab bats in a cave

Analysis Of Bound By Ingrid Anderson

Bound by Ingrid Anderson is a self reflection poem about the poet's destiny. The short two stanza poem shows that human destiny in life is a thing to gratefully embrace than struggle against and end up with "bruising hands, twist by twist" (line 6) believes that the poem is metaphorical. The poet's life and existence are compared to a bind pulled by two opposing forces; where the poet's naivety makes her struggle in stanza 1 only to suffer the pain of battling fate to later surrender to the tension (the forces pulling her side-by-side) because they are "unthinkable/ irresistible/ inevitable".

There are poetic terms like imagery "white-knuckled" repetition "this life, this sel

Should Dance Like David Danced

Peacefully viewing
This light of day should
Stretch, yawn, say a sincere
Prayer of gratitude like squirrels

Make breakfast
While singing praise
Clapping hands and humming
And dancing like David danced.

Learn The Difference Between Insourcing And Outsourcing

Insourcing and Outsourcing are more heard these days than before,

making laymen wonder how, what, way to differentiate both for better


Insourcing and outsourcing are opposite each other; while insourcing

is an insider project, outsourcing is an outsider project. It is the

bringing of a third party outsourcer to work inside a company's

facility as means of reducing production costs, taxes, labor and

transportation. It is a business decision that is often made to

maintain control of critical production or competencies.

On the other hand, outsourcing is a business management strategy of

handing a certain department of a company or firm to a an external

professional agent or organisation that specialises in such aspect. An

instance is Airtel Nigeria Customer Care Call Department is


Outsourcing sometimes involves transferring employees and assets from

one firm to another, but not always. Outsourcing is also the practice

of handing over control of public services to for-profit corporations.

10 Sure Strategies To Drive Huge Traffic To A Website

It is true that traffic is the soul of a website; it is frustrating

not knowing how, what way to a certain thing. Below are ten (10) sure

strategies to drive huge traffic to a website:

1) search engine optimization:- When people get hooked with difficult

questions, the first place they run to online is a search websites

like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Mamma, Ask, Devilfinder, etc. Whatever

people search for will be displayed in regards to websites having such

information have been optimized for such search engine. Therefore

websites gain traffic by submitting their domain names with many

search engines as possible.

2) paid search:- This is another traffic generating strategy that is

so effective though it costs money unlike the free search engine

optimization. This is when a web owner advertises within the sponsored

listings of a search engine or a partner site by paying either each

time the ad is clicked; which is called (pay-per-click PPC) or less

commonly, when the ad is displayed; which is called

(cost-per-impression CPM).

3) social media marketing:- Virtually all grown ups use or have once

used social network website; so the term is not strange. What is

social media marketing? This is a strategy that involves the use of

social network websites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google+,

LinkedIn, etc. to drive traffic to a website by a webmaster or a site

owner through the sharing of such website content to social media


4) content marketing:- This could be direct or indirect, all it takes

is having a single very helpful idea of a certain website in multiple

website either by directly giving it out or by taking it with

permission and linking back to the source. Content shared could be in

form of an article, video, audio, audio book, eBook, etc.

5) paid social network marketing:- Similar to paid search, the

fundamental difference is that social media website will be paid to

spread the news about a website to almost all its social media users

and thereby gain traffic.

6) email marketing:- This is one the very vital means almost all

websites (even the huge websites) generate traffic to their websites.

It requires sending subscribers email to update them about the new

happenings in the website.

7) Linking:- This can also be directly or indirectly. It is the

sharing of the website link in other websites like forum/community,

question-and-answer websites, chatrooms, social network sites,

directories, etc.

8) mobile application marketing:- Or in a simple language, marketing a

website through the a mobile app created by such website to be

downloaded. This is very useful in this age where mobile browsing has

gone haywire. Someone having a website mobile app is like carrying the

website everywhere. Once the carrier is internet enabled, updates and

advertisements appear on the Mobil device without even opening the

website's app.

9) offline marketing:- Here, webmaster or website owner generates

traffic to the website through billboards, flyers, stickers, radio/TV

infomercials, T-shirt branding, lectures/seminars, etc.

10) primitive marketing:- This cannot be ignored or excluded because

it adds to a website traffic somehow. It requires the spreading of the

information of a website through words of mouth face-to-face.

12 Facts About Adsbronco CPM For Publishers

The following are facts to know about Adsbronco CPM Advertisement Network:

1) adsbronco is an online advertisement network company base in London.

2) It pays Net 30 with the minimum payout of $25 via PayPal and other

payment mediums.

3) It is a CPM advertisement network for publishers looking for banner

ads alone rather than Popup or Pop-under ads.

4) Publisher site must receive at least 5,000 unique views per month

which can be met by a newbie.

5) Publisher site must have been

online for at least one full month.

6) Publisher site must NOT be

hosted on free hosting platforms such as blogspot.

7) Publisher site must be fully

functioning and have an easy to navigate design.

8) Publisher site must not contain

links to illegal, adult or indecent material deemed by

9) Publisher site must not contain

excess advertising or be designed in a way to simply inflate ad earnings.

10) Publisher site must not encourage ad clicks.

11) Publisher site must contain near original content, or at least

contain links to credit the original author.

12) Publisher site must not be a paid to promote site or auto surf site.

More details can be found in adsbronco's Terms and Conditions page.

7 Steps To Earn Money From

If you do not know, is Nigeria's largest online mall. It was

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Flyers Congress

Get red for love,
Green with peace,
Yellow into wealth
Floating the soul
Into purity
Like lotus singing
On a loafing foam.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


after much contemplation
finally made a choice
after much contemplation
emitting emersion
coronating confusion
not the word unspoken the altar
not the spike or vest the vestry
not the ski or cars the carcass
not the ball or bat the court
not the track or trace the race
not the shield or maze the grace
not the shut or flute the trumpet
not the levitation
the revelation

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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Using Code Tag To Generate WooCommerce Products

It is a fact that WooCommerce is of the best wordpress plugin for

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Understanding Imagery And Symbolism

Symbolism is a literary term that represents a concept through the use of symbol or an underlying meaning of such object or quality.

On the other hand, imagery is a literary term that gives vivid and descriptive language to a piece of art; poetry, prose, drama. It appeals to the senses of the reader(s) as to create a clearer understanding. The description of imagery can relate to sight, smell, taste, sound, etc.

As it is already shown that imagery and symbolism are two different tools performing different functions; but the link between both remains that they are winstruments deeper comprehension.

Is Adsoid CPM Advert Network Good For Nigerian Traffic Websites?

The answer to the question; "is adsoid CPM advert network good for

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Adsoid CPM ads network accepts all publishers worldwide that can meet

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The Sites with robot generated traffics, adult links, click

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Analysis Of Refugee Mother And Child By Chinua Achebe

This post is about Refugee Mother And Child by Chinua Achebe. The comprehensive analysis of the plot, the themes, the structure and the poetic therms can be found in the related posts below.

The plot and summary of the poem is about dying boy lying in arms of his compassionate mother. The boy was dying as a result of disease outbreak where they stayed as refugees.

The themes of the poem are Motherhood compassion, Ravaging effects of poverty, Lack of aids for survival, Outbreak of epidemics, Resignation to death, Feeling of shame, reincarnation, etc

Poetic terms in the poem are metaphor, alliteration, antithesis, imageries, euphemism,zeugma, etc.

The structure of the poem is of no specific rhyming pattern. It contains stanzas of varying number of lines. The first stanza was the introduction of the poet's view while the last stanza the poem related conclusion.

The poem is partially an elegy and the sympathetic tone of the poem reflected the poet's unhappy mood. The poem holds a very simple diction that created the ease of understanding.


When parable is mentioned, what comes to mind first is Jesus Christ and the Bible because he's the expert in parables; but parable is also one among the many poetic devices used by poets. It presents an event that aims at teaching moral lesson.


onomatopoeia is a poetic device of sound where the sound of a particular thing (animate or inanimate) is used in place of such thing. Few examples are animal
noises such as "oink", "miaow" or
"meow", "roar" or "chirp, etc.


It is one of the tools used by a poet to compress words or feel which would have elaborate. Paroxysm is a sudden strong feeling or expression of emotion that cannot be controlled because of its continuity; and in most cases, a very harsh or rough emotions.

The Best Security Extension For Joomla CMS

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(14) Other activities include; local file inclusion, remote file

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Airtel 3GB Data Bundle For 1500 Naira Rocks

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True Effect Of Biting

Should we leave back-biter out of this? Yes
Their bitings are ineffective to the wise.
Biting makes the world moves on:
Biting led man from Eden to civilization
Thank God temptation led Eve to biting
Thank God beauty clouded Adam rejecting
What would be of humanity with no biting?
The engine is biting the wheels to travel
The hoe is biting the soil to huge harvest
The welder is biting the iron into construction
The positive is biting the negative into electrification
The teacher is biting the board to bring education
The lawyer is biting his tongue to punish corruption
The footballer is biting the ball to gain celebration
Through developmental biting, human race can progress
The robber is biting the owner to meet his needs
The embezzler is biting the masses to amass wealths
The uniform is biting the commercial driver into corruption
The fake shrine is biting congregation for private jet
The marketer is biting the measurement for futile gain
The internet thief is biting the webmaster into labour lost
The evil builder is biting the government project into collapsed building
Whatever form of biting your hands are perpetually practising
Will it development the universe or bring the Apocalypse quickly?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Why WP e-commerce Is The Best Choice WordPress Shop

WP e-commerce is also called WP e-commerce plugin. It is the official WordPress plugin for e-commerce. Based on a certain web master observation, its popularity surpasses that of WooCommerce (another competing e-commerce plugin) by over 2.6 million downloads.

This post is to look at few features that made WP e-commerce the better choice among other e-commerce plugin for wordpress.

(1) It is the official e-commerce plugin for wordpress and that alone makes it more credible than other.

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(7) It has a drag-and-drop shopping feature.

(8) It's catalog management is very easy to understand.

(9) It can generate PayPal Buy Now Button with ease.

(10) It can be placed anywhere in the website or blog with the help of shortcode or easy widget enablement.

(11) It also supports multiple payment gateways including Google Wallet, Chronopay, iDEAL, BluePay, Sagepay, Paystation, and FirstData/LinkPoint amongst others

(12) It is marketing-ready with multiple options such as New Products widgets, Cross-sells, flexible coupon rules, quantity discounts, Google Analytics, Google Sitemaps, Google Base integration etc

Metaphors In The Anvil And The Hammer By Kofi Awoonor

Let's write out few of the many metaphors found in the poem The Anvil and The Hammer by Kofi Awoonor:

#1 new flags and anthems are metaphorically compared to the birth of a new nation.

#2 the pangs is used to mean the struggle for freedom.

#3 jagons of a new dialect is a metaphor for western policies and philosophies.

#4 new garment is a metaphor for western culture or civilization.

#5 perpetual search is a metaphor for keen interest to acquire.


This has to do with pastures. It is a literary work that relates to shepherds' herding livestock around open areas of land where there is availability of water and pasture. Aside pastoral poetry, drama and prose, there are paintings and musics that depict such life in an idealized manner, typically for urban audiences. According to wikipedia, pastoral is also a work of this genre, also known as bucolic, from the Greek, meaning a cowherd.

Real Body Of Government

What organism made the government?
We the vital organ of government
We the queue at the gate of Conoil
We the owners of locomotives; no oil_
We truly are
The body of government
Constitution is the eyes
That is right
Police is the nostrils
Sniffing the grounds up and down
Political party in position of power_
The brain
Press, the ears
Pressure groups are like the intestine:
Good governance, they digest
Bad governance, they have constipation
Purging watery faeces around
Public servants are glad to be
The arms and legs of government;
Running errands in public
What better part is in government
If not the heart of government
If not the masses;
Without it, no government.
Without it,
Government is like a statue by the roadside;
A mere decoration.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Praise To King Edu

Oh! Great king Edu
My husband, my love
My crown of beauty
An amiable King
Who replaced thorns with flowers
Restoring hope and joy to many

Truth, Justice and Majesty
Are the Cardinals of his Royalty
He is high, mighty and haughty
A trail blazer, courageous
Pillar of achievement
Epitome of humanity
A worthy example for all young generation

A progressive hero
Amicable Leader
A helper of many
Husband of many lovely Birds
Luring and alluring
Gentle but strong

Compassionate lover
A motivator and achiever
A model of high profile and morality
A genuine defender of the interest
Of his great Kingdom

I acknowledge with profound gratitude
His Highness grace and
Endless shower of love and affection
Particularly his sense of Justice
And fairness

Over the years, he has crept
So, secretly and silently into my life
With such wonderful touch of Royalty
And will not compromise my honour
And happiness
No matter the situation
And he endureth as long as
The Stars in the sky
And the Moon endureth

He thought and showed me
By example
How to maintain my honour
And dignity
To always be highly spirited
No matter the opposition
Or contrary wind
And when he is in the
Active service
Who dear crows?

He tumbles and flurics
All day long
A tireless lover who knows no fatigue
All genders melt away
In his soft and tender grips
In his succulent grips
All tremble with passion and want

He demonstrated strong
Commitment to his
Endless thrust
And at his pressing hardness
The earth quakes and
Thunders the clouds
Into climax

I appreciate the ingenuity stroke
When the clouds go low
And the assistance of
Endless moan
When the dawn breaks even.

What a king!
Oh! What a king!
How noble and infinite
In-form and moving
How express and admirable
In action-how like Angel!
In apprehension, how like a god.

Written by ©Abiola Adeitan Fapohunda


Mood is an emotional or mental composure. It is the feeling or atmosphere that an author creates in a work of literary art. It can suggest an emotion such as fear or joy; it can as well suggest the quality of a setting as agony, gloomy or fairness.

Prison Breaking

Scofield had it all planned out
And so I did in my mind
My pen and paper
The distribution company,
I'm trying to clear my name
Of crime I didn't commit
Having wife and a kid
Two fine feminine hacking me
From home_ my family.
Love we claim; my purse is drained,
Two tin Peak milk each night
But blood lost is lost forever
What angel Tancredi
Will leave unlock the infirmary door
For me to break
Out of this infidelity capture?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

History Of Airtel In Nigeria

Econet Wireless is a South African telecommunication company founded by Strive Masiyiwa in the year 1993 in Zimbabwe. It also operated as a telecom service provider in Nigeria with the slogan: "Inspired To Change Your World" before it became Mobile.

Vmobile operated in Nigeria for a very short period of time until in May 2006, when it was bought over by Celtel for US$1.005.

Celtel International got its name in January 2004, after it was founded in 1998 by No Ibrahim. It had the slogan: Making Life Better. Nigeria was part of the countries it was delivering its mobile to with 0802 before it was bought in May 2005 for $3.4 billion by Zain or Zain Group.

The name Zain was given in 2007. It was formally MTC, a telecommunication company founded in 1983 in Kuwait. In Nigeria, Zain maintained the code 0802 with slogan: "A Wonderful World" before Airtel Africa bought it for $10.7 billion in June 2010.

Air tel Africa which is still in operation in Nigeria, is part of Bharti Airtel Limited which is a global telecommunication services company with the headquarter in New Delhi, India founded in 1995 and now in 2015 having a total asset of $20 million. It operates in 20 countries across South Asia, Africa, and the Channel Islands; having over 300 million users worldwide 25 million from Nigeria. Airtel provides GSM, 3G and 4G LTE mobile services, fixed line broadband and voice services depending upon the country of operation.

8 Figures Of Speech In Vanity By Birago Diop

Following the review we got from the poem Vanity by Birago Dip is also a culture related poem. It speak of African believe in the dead. The poet realized that African are beginning to ignore the relevance of their ancestor, so he used the poem as medium of reminding them of the ancestral importance.

This post will make a list of the poetic terms or poetic devices found in Vanity by Birago Dip:

(1) Imagery: "sad complaining voices of beggars" in line 4 is an imagery describing the voices of the people. Another imagery is found in line 14.

(2) Metaphor: "plaintive throats" in line 14 is a metaphor. Line 4 and line 9 also have a metaphor.

(3) Rhetorical Question: "What eyes will watch our large mouth?" in line 8 is a rhetorical question. There are also rhetorical questions in line 5, 10, 11, 14, 30.

(4) Alliteration: "gently gently" in line 1 is an alliteration. Others are in line 8, 15, 22.

(5) Sarcasm: "sad complaining voices of beggars" in line 4 is a sarcasm. Line 8 and line 10 also possess sarcasms.

(6) Simile: "like a tumour" in line 13 is a simile. "Just as our ears" in line 17 is a simile.

(7) Personification: "our Dead come" in line 15 is a personification which gives a walking ability to the Deeds

(8) Repetition: The following words are repeated in the poem "gently" "voices" "ears" "deaf" "Dead" "cries" "hear" etc.

For clearer explanations on the poem Vanity by Birago Diop, we recommend

Analysis Of Piano And Drums By Gabriel Okara

Piano and Drums is a Gabriel Okara's poem where he used his past childhood village experience as a yardstick while comparing African culture to his present complex civilized way of life. This is the reason why the poem's title: Piano and Drums can also mean Past and Present or African and Civilization. Before the coming of the Europeans, Africans have possessed drums as an instrument of musical melody but the piano came to Africa as a result of the Whiteman's presence in Africa.

Okara tried to prove that African life was simple by using a musical instrument that is easy to understand while proving the complexity of European lifestyle by using complex musical instrument; piano.

The poem is a typical example of a free verse and words like primal in line 5 means early or beginning, innovations in line 13 means new customs, tear-furrowed concerto in line 19 means a very sad piece of music in which one instrument stands out above the others: the piano stands out here. Coaxing in line 22 means influencing by playing soft music, diminuendo in line 22 means to gradually grow quiet, counterpoint in line 22 means playing two different tunes at a time, crescendo in line 23 means to gradually increase in volume, labyrinth in line 23 means a bewildering paths, daggerpoint in line 25 means the suddenly stopped due to errors or mistake or fear.

View the comprehensive analysis of Piano and Drums @

Comparing Soliloquy And Monologue

A literary device used in drama to convey the inner thoughts of a particular character by making the character speak himself or herself, relating his/her thoughts and feelings with the audience, is referred to as soliloquy. This could either be done through the character uttering his his words while other characters present, act oblivious of his utterances or by putting his thoughts in the mouth of an abstract charater while character in question maintains a thinking position (either by sitting and pressing arms to his jaw). Soliloquy is most found in stage dramas.

A monologue on the other hand, is the opposite of dialogue. Monologue or dialogue can be considered the middleman between prologue and epilogue. A monologue is a speech presented by a single character in a drama or in poetry to narrate, most of the events to the audience. Dramatic monologue is found in the poem The Proud King by William Morris (You View The Themes Of The Proud King) 

The few similarities between soliloquy and monologue remain that they are instruments of dramatic effects, they both require the speeches of a single character and they give clear meaning and expansion to a dramatic work of art.

Discuss Morality In The Proud King By William Morris With References From The Poem

The whole essence of God's supremacy in The Proud King by William

Morris is to broadcast the need for helpful moral values.

The 849 lines poem told a story of King Jovinian, a king who became

proud because of high status and mammoth earthly possessions. Few of

the moral lessons learnt from the poem are (i) pride comes before

downfall (ii) earthly possessions are vanity (iii) human being must

not level himself/herself with (iv) repented heart will receive mercy.

King Jovinian's pride was shown from line 27 where he said, "Am I not

God, whiles that I live at least" to line 49 where he concluded his

arrogant monologue, "For times change fast, the world is waxen old"

and such thought was the foundation of his downfall.

Through a mere hunting expedition, Jovinian lost all he had laboured

to acquire. He rode faster than entourage, decided to swim the

beautiful lake and by so doing he lost his royal robe and facial

appearance to an angel sent to punish him:

"Wherefore he did off all his rich array

And tied his horse unto a neighboring tree

And in the water sported leisurely

...But 'mazed and angry, looking far and wide

Nought saw he of his horse and rich attire" (line 75-83)

Most of the lines in the poem, the proud king, in his rude attempts to

recover his royal position, he was made a figure of mockery. All

sufferings and mockeries he had were as a result of leveling himself

with God but his repentance restored his situation back to normal and

the angel that took his robe gave it back from line 715-849 where the

poem ended.

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8 Metaphors In The Anvil And The Hammer By Kofi Awoonor

Among other poetic devices in the poem The Anvil And The Hammer by Kofi Awoonor, metaphor is very paramount.

Based on the email requesting the metaphors embedded in the poem: The Anvil And The Hammer, research has come up with few of the metaphors found in the poem. It must also be noted that the best way to fish for metaphors in the poem is by understanding the definition of metaphor itself.

Here are the metaphors in the poem:
(1) the anvil and the hammer are metaphorically compared to African and foreign culture.

(2) new flags and anthems are metaphorically compared to the birth of a new nation.

(3) the pangs is used to mean the struggle for freedom.

(4) outlaw is used i

Death As A Limitation To Human Existence In The Poems "The Pulley" By George Herbert And "Crossing The Bar" By Alfred Tennyson

Examine death as a limitation to human existence in the poem "Crossing The Bar" by Alfred Tennyson and "The Pulley" by George Herbert.

The Pulley is a poem about God and the making of man. God made man and granted him everything needed for his living the earth including pleasure but used death as a deadline to his existence.

Crossing The Bar is a poem about the warning as regards the reactions of the loved ones when the poet in question, finally embark on the journey from earth to heaven; through the vessel of death to be with God.

In both poems, God and death are present; and death was shown to messenger of God, the Supreme.
In the poem Crossing The Bar, "the bar" symbolized death while the whole of stanza 1 of The Pulley revealed the mortality in man since placing all riche

Bow And Let's Pray

Lord! My God!
Backsliding is only good for Michael Jackson;
Please, give me way forward.

Take away my debts
Owing is such a big disgrace
Placing the creditors above my red head.

Lord! My God!
You united my ancestral spirits
They continually bring me peace and bread.

Please, bring enjambed successes to my peace,
Making eyes ask
How come my successes fly high in the wind.

Lord! My God!
You make way for needle sewing
You make way for cutlasses in the forest tweed.

Whenever I press, it shall open
Since all doors in high places are security doors
Even the Aso Rock, not excluded.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Exoclick eCPM Calculation Strategy

If you have heard of Exoclick advertising network and as a webmaster

or a web owner, you're yet to decide whether to give it a try or not.

Before you take the bold step on choosing, here is what

you should expect in terms of your revenue calculation

"Effective Cost Per Mille (eCPM) is used to calculate

the effectiveness of an advertising campaign,

regardless of the actual pricing model used by the advertiser (CPC, CPM, etc)

For example using the pricing model Cost Per Click (CPC), the formula would be:

Click Ratio (CTR) x Cost Per Click (CPC) x 1.000 = eCPM

To calulate publisher earnings the formula is:

(Impressions /1.000) x eCPM

Earnings that would be generated by each campaign if the number of

impressions is 100.000 and at different eCPM rates

Example A. 100.000 / 1.000 x 0.45 = $45

Example B. 100.000 / 1.000 x 0.75 = $75

Example C. 100.000 / 1.000 x 1 = $100

As you will receive campaigns using all the different pricing models,

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An Animal Farm

As home is for living, farm is for rearing
The home dies in dry peace and unity
Scattered, dirty laundries and dishes
Husband harshly beating the darling
The darling beating the kids
The kids beating up one another in
Home of quarrel and fighting
A true animal farm it is.

The neighborhood of horror,
Where neighbors lock horns to horns
Enmity is the king
No place for peace to find succour
And comfort and humans feed on humans
Or wasn't that what animals do?
Neighborhood is lost, the home is no harbor;
A true animal farm it is.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Ingratitude Makes The Soul Deteriorate

Judging your life standard
By where you stand now
Is a wrong to keep in mind.

An ingratitude make the soul
So quickly like rotten meal
Why remain ungrateful for your lacks?
The air you breath is free still.

Please, lay down your worries to peace,
Let your happiness spread like disease
And sleep whenever you'd love to sleep
To put your worries to shame and be free.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings fly)


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