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10 Sure Strategies To Drive Huge Traffic To A Website

It is true that traffic is the soul of a website; it is frustrating

not knowing how, what way to a certain thing. Below are ten (10) sure

strategies to drive huge traffic to a website:

1) search engine optimization:- When people get hooked with difficult

questions, the first place they run to online is a search websites

like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Mamma, Ask, Devilfinder, etc. Whatever

people search for will be displayed in regards to websites having such

information have been optimized for such search engine. Therefore

websites gain traffic by submitting their domain names with many

search engines as possible.

2) paid search:- This is another traffic generating strategy that is

so effective though it costs money unlike the free search engine

optimization. This is when a web owner advertises within the sponsored

listings of a search engine or a partner site by paying either each

time the ad is clicked; which is called (pay-per-click PPC) or less

commonly, when the ad is displayed; which is called

(cost-per-impression CPM).

3) social media marketing:- Virtually all grown ups use or have once

used social network website; so the term is not strange. What is

social media marketing? This is a strategy that involves the use of

social network websites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google+,

LinkedIn, etc. to drive traffic to a website by a webmaster or a site

owner through the sharing of such website content to social media


4) content marketing:- This could be direct or indirect, all it takes

is having a single very helpful idea of a certain website in multiple

website either by directly giving it out or by taking it with

permission and linking back to the source. Content shared could be in

form of an article, video, audio, audio book, eBook, etc.

5) paid social network marketing:- Similar to paid search, the

fundamental difference is that social media website will be paid to

spread the news about a website to almost all its social media users

and thereby gain traffic.

6) email marketing:- This is one the very vital means almost all

websites (even the huge websites) generate traffic to their websites.

It requires sending subscribers email to update them about the new

happenings in the website.

7) Linking:- This can also be directly or indirectly. It is the

sharing of the website link in other websites like forum/community,

question-and-answer websites, chatrooms, social network sites,

directories, etc.

8) mobile application marketing:- Or in a simple language, marketing a

website through the a mobile app created by such website to be

downloaded. This is very useful in this age where mobile browsing has

gone haywire. Someone having a website mobile app is like carrying the

website everywhere. Once the carrier is internet enabled, updates and

advertisements appear on the Mobil device without even opening the

website's app.

9) offline marketing:- Here, webmaster or website owner generates

traffic to the website through billboards, flyers, stickers, radio/TV

infomercials, T-shirt branding, lectures/seminars, etc.

10) primitive marketing:- This cannot be ignored or excluded because

it adds to a website traffic somehow. It requires the spreading of the

information of a website through words of mouth face-to-face.

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