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7% Off Airtime Purchase Using PayWithCapture

You can now enjoy 7% off airtime purchase when you PayWithCapture.

Download now @ Terms and conditions


PayWithCapture is a mobile app that allows for the making of payment

for goods and services via mobile devices. It does not cost money to

use PayWithCapture®. It is both free to use and free to download.

PayWithCapture® makes it possible to pay for goods and services

perpetually because there are no charges for using PayWithCapture and

no monthly fees are incurred for using PayWithCapture®. The app is

available for iOS, Android and Blackberry 10 devices.

Using PayWithCapture in just 3 steps:-

(1) Link a credit/debit card, a bank account or a mobile money account

to PayWithCapture®.

(2) Scan a payment QR code on a merchant website, a checkout station

or even printed on paper and pasted on the wall or the checkout


(3) Then confirm the amount and then pay!

As simple as that. One of the major benefit of using this app is that

there are no bank charges incurred.

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