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Airtel 3GB Data Bundle For 1500 Naira Rocks

Hello to all big-time bloggers, surfing the internet as a Nigerian

blogger requires an ISP which our mobile service providers have taken

the responsibility to be making the internet surfing, a reality.

Internet Data Bundle subscription has been the best choice for all

big-time browsers and bloggers but tariff plan varies from one mobile

network to another that's why one certain choice still remains the

best till moment of writing this post.

After much heard-and-said by those who have reviewed all the internet

data plans of Nigerian mobile networks, the Airtel 3gb for 1500 Naira

Data Plan is chosen to be the most reliable; it functions with all

devices and very durable.

It is very easy to activate. enter *141# then choose "Buy Data" then

choose "BlackBerry" then choose "BB Unlimited/1500/3GB" and

immediately you have it.

It is way better than the Etisalat 1000 naira for 1GB but the only

problem with the subscription is that it is very frustrating for the

low-network areas.

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