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Always Use Browsers With Pop-Block To Boycott Bidvertiser

Check most the Cost-Per-Click advert network listings you can find

online, hardly will Bidvertiser be missing between 1-5 on any website

list. And much have been said about Bidvertiser in forums and ads

review websites which indicates that Bidvertiser is not a baby in the

online advertisement arena.

What is Bidvertiser? It is an online advertising and publishing

network that allows website owners to earn money from their websites

by offering up ad spaces.

This post aims to encourage every internet surfers to always use

pop-block enabled browser whenever surfing the web since many

webmasters have Bidvertiser CPC ads code embedded in their websites

(mostly because Bidvertiser is among the networks that pay close to $1

per click) but unknown to many webmasters, their Bidvertiser codes

generate pop-ups, pop unders, slide ads, app pops, on both mobile and

desktop; which are intrusions to the activities of a website visitor.

The only visitors that are void of suffering Bidvertiser pops, are

visitors with pop-block browsers; and only if they have enabled

pop-block on their browsers. Bidvertiser is very good for its own

reasons and pop-blocks are good for their own reasons; but it takes a

mutual understanding for the work of a disciple not to hinder the work

of another disciple.

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