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Analysis Of Piano And Drums By Gabriel Okara

Piano and Drums is a Gabriel Okara's poem where he used his past childhood village experience as a yardstick while comparing African culture to his present complex civilized way of life. This is the reason why the poem's title: Piano and Drums can also mean Past and Present or African and Civilization. Before the coming of the Europeans, Africans have possessed drums as an instrument of musical melody but the piano came to Africa as a result of the Whiteman's presence in Africa.

Okara tried to prove that African life was simple by using a musical instrument that is easy to understand while proving the complexity of European lifestyle by using complex musical instrument; piano.

The poem is a typical example of a free verse and words like primal in line 5 means early or beginning, innovations in line 13 means new customs, tear-furrowed concerto in line 19 means a very sad piece of music in which one instrument stands out above the others: the piano stands out here. Coaxing in line 22 means influencing by playing soft music, diminuendo in line 22 means to gradually grow quiet, counterpoint in line 22 means playing two different tunes at a time, crescendo in line 23 means to gradually increase in volume, labyrinth in line 23 means a bewildering paths, daggerpoint in line 25 means the suddenly stopped due to errors or mistake or fear.

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