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Analysis Of Refugee Mother And Child By Chinua Achebe

This post is about Refugee Mother And Child by Chinua Achebe. The comprehensive analysis of the plot, the themes, the structure and the poetic therms can be found in the related posts below.

The plot and summary of the poem is about dying boy lying in arms of his compassionate mother. The boy was dying as a result of disease outbreak where they stayed as refugees.

The themes of the poem are Motherhood compassion, Ravaging effects of poverty, Lack of aids for survival, Outbreak of epidemics, Resignation to death, Feeling of shame, reincarnation, etc

Poetic terms in the poem are metaphor, alliteration, antithesis, imageries, euphemism,zeugma, etc.

The structure of the poem is of no specific rhyming pattern. It contains stanzas of varying number of lines. The first stanza was the introduction of the poet's view while the last stanza the poem related conclusion.

The poem is partially an elegy and the sympathetic tone of the poem reflected the poet's unhappy mood. The poem holds a very simple diction that created the ease of understanding.

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