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Comparing Soliloquy And Monologue

A literary device used in drama to convey the inner thoughts of a particular character by making the character speak himself or herself, relating his/her thoughts and feelings with the audience, is referred to as soliloquy. This could either be done through the character uttering his his words while other characters present, act oblivious of his utterances or by putting his thoughts in the mouth of an abstract charater while character in question maintains a thinking position (either by sitting and pressing arms to his jaw). Soliloquy is most found in stage dramas.

A monologue on the other hand, is the opposite of dialogue. Monologue or dialogue can be considered the middleman between prologue and epilogue. A monologue is a speech presented by a single character in a drama or in poetry to narrate, most of the events to the audience. Dramatic monologue is found in the poem The Proud King by William Morris (You View The Themes Of The Proud King) 

The few similarities between soliloquy and monologue remain that they are instruments of dramatic effects, they both require the speeches of a single character and they give clear meaning and expansion to a dramatic work of art.

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