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Discuss The Love Relationship Between Sam And Isobel

Sam is the character in The Last Good Man who lives alone after the

death of his mother. He excused/isolated himself from the people only

communicates with animals and objects around. He lived that way till

he found a little girl by the beach who eventually happened to be


On the other hand, Isobel is a thirty five years old lady who returns

to the village after the news of her mother's death. She had earlier

eloped with a boy during her teen age. She is very kind and

compassionate. She loves her father than her mother because she puts

the blame of her father's departure on her mother.

The love relationship between Sam and Isobel was initiated by Isobel.

After Isobel had met Sam at the scene of drowning, she later noticed

Sam and the girl, became curious and seek to know him better. She

trailed Sam and the girl and then paid them a visit. It was also

stated in the story that Isobel sometimes have sex with men as a way

of showing kindness to them and her heart of compassion and kindness

made her felt for Sam's loneliness and had sex with him; even when Sam

believed that he could not be loved by anyone.

As Isobel loved Sam, Sam loved Isobel and the girl so much in return

that he didn't want anything to come between them. Sam was of the

opinion that Isobel is a very beautiful, pleasant and nice lady. Their

love relationship brought a turning point to the story though the

relationship didn't last long.

1 comment:

Jade Graham said...

All tease, no resolution. Because no matter what they do, they'll piss some section of the audience off, so they do nothing. abie


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